And Here We Go Again…

Did any of you see the recent news? Stew Peters, the first one yet again, broadcasts another state agency’s illegal activity against parents. In his recent interview with Jason “Storm” Nelson of Texas, you can see the tears in Stew’s eyes and feel his righteous anger come through the screen as this dad recounts the illegal actions of the state-sanctioned baby-nappers. Jason’s brand new baby … Continue reading And Here We Go Again…

What is Coming?

Every once in a while… Well, okay, more often than I’d like to admit 😉 I enjoy indulging in mindless entertainment. One of my favorites is the original CSI. It’s so corny, but so well put together. As of a few years ago, another favorite quickly became The Blacklist. Spader is is such a gifted actor and he is one of the few I can … Continue reading What is Coming?

It’s NOT About the Water

Nothing about anything that is happening over the past couple years is new. It has only become more obvious and prevalent. From the ever-darkening perversions to the overwhelming intentional destruction, it has always been this way. It was just more subtle. Attacks on our faith, attacks on our persons, parenting, liberty and speech–all of it! Take the recently aired research linking snake venom to this … Continue reading It’s NOT About the Water

God Always Wins

In the midst of all the confusion, here’s a testimony that should knock your dirty socks off into oblivion. Previous posts, In the Wake of the Awakening parts one and two (Perspective), you learned a bit about how this system is corrupt by design. Furthermore, you learned why, at least in part, election-rigging is an essential part of this machine. Through the experiences I shared, … Continue reading God Always Wins

In the Wake of the Awakening

Whether you believe all the stuff about underground, world-wide, elitist child trafficking and DUMBS…. Whether you believe the Q stuff and the Anons that decode and put the information out there…. All the arrests and such. Whether or not you believe that what took place last November 3rd and since was legit…. And whatever you believe about those shots, lockdowns, et al…. Whether you believe … Continue reading In the Wake of the Awakening