Two Years of Wonder, Part III Angelique James

Please catch up with: Angelique Part One, Part Two The  week following our return from meeting with detectives, I received a phone call from KSP (Kentucky State Police), informing me that remains were, in fact, discovered at the very spot Jack led them. The officer asked when time could be arranged to bring the other two witnesses. This officer also alluded to “more” and “recent” … Continue reading Two Years of Wonder, Part III Angelique James

sarah kathy

The Blood They Shed

Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo. John Wayne Gacy. Richard Ramirez. Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Lundgren. Charles Manson. Bobby Joe Long. Henry Lee Lucas. Shawn Sellers. Ottis Toole…. And that is just a short list of the hundreds of thousands of “renowned” killers of the past several decades. The blood they shed. The specific and horrific ways and means they used to attain their goals. The … Continue reading The Blood They Shed

louis makerly

Louis Mackerly

Divine providence brings exposure unlike all else. Has anyone ever wondered why psychics are hailed, even paid our tax dollars, to “track” or expose a perpetrator in cases of, say, a missing child? Or a murder? Yet, at the same time, Christians who proclaim any divine arrangement of our Lord Jesus, is deemed “delusional”? Here is an example of a case that, although it has … Continue reading Louis Mackerly