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  • God Always Wins

    In the midst of all the confusion, here’s a testimony that should knock your dirty socks off into oblivion. Previous posts, In the Wake of the Awakening parts one and two (Perspective), you learned a bit about how this system is corrupt by design. Furthermore, you learned why, at least in part, election-rigging is an…

  • Giving Up is Never an Option

    Rather than go on to the infamous “Part Two” of my previous post, In the Wake of the Awakening, I decided to take a short break. There is a song I wrote recently to, particularly, my oldest daughter. Originally, I planned to send it to the pop star Pink, to see if she’d actually put…

  • In the Wake of the Awakening

    Whether you believe all the stuff about underground, world-wide, elitist child trafficking and DUMBS…. Whether you believe the Q stuff and the Anons that decode and put the information out there…. All the arrests and such. Whether or not you believe that what took place last November 3rd and since was legit…. And whatever you…

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