Satanic Panic Era

Way back when, I was entirely oblivious to everything political. And, yes, the “satanic panic” was entirely political. We’ll get to that in a minute. To continue to set the proverbial stage here, however, it is important to know a few things in the back drop. One such thing is that I had no idea that satanic groups even existed–let alone in the US. What’s more important is the fact that at the outset of this discovery with my children, in 1997, there were large but inconspicuous groups working diligently to quell the storm of reports regarding satanic ritual abuse. There quickly became two distinct forces. One working hard to expose this reality and bring justice and help for the victims. The other pushing what amounted to propaganda, “experts” and all, in efforts to cover the crimes and continue on. Right about the time I began to try to make sense of my kids’ behaviors and a lot they said, these forces collided head-on, unbeknownst to me then, and the entire country was raging. This time-period was soon referred to as the “satanic panic era.” For the longest time folks who believed this stuff believed “it’s everywhere.” Others, the naysayers, used that to convince the masses that the claims were absurd. The truth of the matters is somewhere in between.

A well-oiled machine

The so-called “satanic panic” was definitely political. It was a political strategy formed in order to keep the lid on the reality of the deepest, darkest world of the sociopolitical elites. Although the “panic”, as it was eventually deemed to discredit any account of such activity, was political, their hideous practices were definitely taking place. And they still are. So, do not assume that I mean that satanic rituals were not happening.

Throughout the eighties and nineties I had no clue this stuff even existed. Even when my kids first began displaying signs, I was oblivious. All I knew is something was way off with my kids. As a matter of fact, the first two years after my kids finally began opening up about what they had witnessed and experienced I was intent on proving their allegations false. I sought diligently for some alternative, more “reasonable” explanation. During those first two years I proved my original theory horrible wrong. What’s more is all that I learned in that process, including locals involved, instilled in me an overwhelming passion for truth. I also learned much how this system operates to protect itself, generate funds and silence its opposition.

By the time that dark world infiltrated my life their well-oiled machine was in full control, able to snuff out any peep from the victims and destroy their advocates. No matter the arena where allegations come up. In my case, so-called “family” court, my children told on their “father” and his new family, or friends, or whatever you want to call them. I learned the hard way that teaching your children to tell authorities when anyone harms them is dangerous. Those authorities are usually brainwashed with the propaganda of this machine. The “experts”, much like the idiot/former FBI Kenneth Lanning and others, put out their “research” that claims such allegations are false or, my personal favorite, “rare”. This bs is turned into “training” for law enforcement, child services social workers and like professions. So much money is poured in to create and push this propaganda, short of an act of God, there is no way to win when it comes against you. In fact, when their cleverly devised system shuts you down, you become another one of their “proofs” that satanic ritual abuse does not exist.

Anyway… Encouraging my kids to tell on the evil bastards that tormented them and killed others was likely the key that opened the door to our demise. I am not saying I would have kept them quiet. No, to the contrary! Had I known then that most law enforcement and social workers were so badly brainwashed against anyone speaking out about the reality of this dastardly junk, I simply would have gone about it differently. …but that’s a topic for another day.

The point here is, by the time I began learning of the reality of this shit, every function of this machine was already firmly in place and gaining speed. Again, unbeknownst to me, all the players and cards were in position ready to take me out. Me, or anyone who let a peep about anything relating to blood rituals, stolen children, child sex abuse, snuff films, etc. Those are just some of the triggers that propel the attack operations of this machine.

The operations of this machine include primarily:

  • Social workers, specifically child services
  • Police/Sheriffs
  • Judges/magistrates
  • Counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists
  • Doctors, nurses (primarily clinics and pediatricians)
  • Teachers
  • Pastors
  • Similar licensed professionals

Let us not forget that states implemented “mandated reporting” laws. Again, I could go on for pages on that one. But these folks are fed the propaganda that basically annihilates the credibility of allegations relating to, or even touching on, ritual abuse. At the same time, laws are passed that terrify said professionals into outrageous over-compliance. Later on, this propaganda even went as far as protecting dads whose children accused them of molestation. I’m sure you have heard of the quackery “Parental Alienation Syndrome.” Look up the pervert that made that crap up! Dr. Richard Gardner–who also wrote, Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem witch hunt trials revisited.

Gosh… I do keep chasing bunnies, don’t I? 😉

Again, the point here is that this machine was firmly in place with all its moving parts, ready for attack. Then I came along, entirely unaware, and start reaching out for someone to help me help my kids. Thank God alone that I am a quick learner. And boy did I get an education.

And he broke in pieces the pillars and cut down the Asherim

and filled their places with the bones of men.

2 Kings 23:14

Behind every bush

So, it’s in the way the disinformation is disseminated that creates the appearance of “everyone is involved” or “it’s everywhere.” Frankly, not many people within the system (family courts, juvenile courts, police, social services, etc) are directly involved in these groups’ occult practices. They’re simply fed the bs propagated by the “experts”. In fact, most people in these positions are so brainwashed by the time they’re in the field, the actually believe they are doing good.

It’s not much different than training a guard dog. Award the imposed actions. Give corrections to refine away opposing behaviors. Make it fun for the subject, in this case a dog. Presto! You have created a man-eater that operates on command. As much as the dog thinks he’s doing right, he has become quite dangerous. The biggest difference is that people have choice and a conscience. Morals, if you will. Part of the problem in this mess is our society is intent to program its people from very young to not think for themselves. Let alone have any moral bias.

Especially nowadays with all the propaganda exposed for the farce that it is, almost daily, it should not be too difficult to understand clearly both sides of this argument were (and are) horribly wrong. “Satanic Panic” vs Reality. Although definitely elements of ritual abuse and similar practices exist in almost every facet of society, it’s not behind every bush. We need to squash the ancient propaganda machine with common sense reality, if we are to ever put a stop to the atrocities and actually help the victims.

Well-informed approach

In the rising awareness of ritual abuse and child trafficking rings (they always go hand-in-hand) in recent times we need to be well-informed, as to not recreate the “panic” of the past. If we do not, we will again get nowhere and just imagine how many more children will suffer.

The best place to start, as with everything in life, is to grow in the Lord. Get well-grounded in His Word, the Bible. There are great lessons to be learned, especially in dealing with satan’s workers 😉

Take King Josiah for example. In 2 Kings 22-23, we find that after the Book of the Covenant (essentially their “Bible” of that time) was discovered and read in the hearing of all, Josiah ordered his men to destroy all images and alters of Baal (etc) worship. Essentially, God’s people were awakened to the Truth and in direct response did a nationwide house cleaning! Check it out for yourself. Then ask Jesus, THE King, what He would have you do in response.

…I bet He opens your eyes to much house-cleaning needed in your own home, person, life, church, community….

So let’s get before the LORD, repent and get to work! Share some experiences (summary) below to encourage others as you do so. Thanx!

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