And Here We Go Again…

Did any of you see the recent news? Stew Peters, the first one yet again, broadcasts another state agency’s illegal activity against parents. In his recent interview with Jason “Storm” Nelson of Texas, you can see the tears in Stew’s eyes and feel his righteous anger come through the screen as this dad recounts the illegal actions of the state-sanctioned baby-nappers. Jason’s brand new baby is denied her mother, siblings and father. Her little body pumped full of God knows what in the “infant formula”, yet denied the best; her mother’s milk. And your tax dollars are being funneled to a hospital and an agency, intent on demolishing yet another beautiful family. Did you see the news? Are you even paying attention? Why the hell not? Since Baby Cyrus’ story has been so widely publicized I hoped we’d start getting some momentum against this tyranny. But here we are. Here we go again…


Am I angry? You better believe I am angry! Oh, how I long to be blessed to have that whip the Lord Jesus used to chase the criminal exploitation racket out of the temple. Seriously, folks. How long… What does it take for you to wake up and get involved? An agency and system designed and built to steal children, supported by government funds (YOUR tax dollars) is THE MOST DANGEROUS political weapon out there. And it’s been there, in various forms, for decades. Such a system can do no right or good, for at its very core it is thoroughly corrupt. So, what are we waiting for?

There are so many people I love, including a handful of attorneys and political figures. But anymore I cannot say that I really like them all that much. Folks with whom I have chatted at great length about this junk. Folks that could do something to help expose and stop this madness. Former GA Senator Nancy Schaefer was killed with her beloved husband because she used her God-given position to shed light on this dark, detestable empire. I recall when we got the news of her death (murder). We (Ohio Family Rights) were getting ready to head to DC for a family rights rally at which we were to speak. I couldn’t wait to meet Senator Schaefer. Word was she was bringing with her some really bombshell information. Something new she came across and was going to expose it right in front of the White House. I guess many of us will never know what that was, but it was obviously worth killing her over.

Does that scare you?

Many, like myself, have had everything, including my kids, stolen from us. Some of us, this has occurred repeatedly. This, as a direct result of working to protect good families and our precious children. We were not given a cute story, pretty pamphlet and an option to choose whether or not we were in this. We saw what was (is) going on and jumped up to the fight, because that is what’s right. Many of us were dragged into a crash course on this system by being attacked by it. Either way, by God’s grace and to His glory, we do not back down.

But where is the help? Where are the attorneys with the fortitude and sense to utilize their God-given skills and positions to bring our own attack against this corrupt bunch of bastards? Where are all those we bust our asses for to get you elected into office so that you can help stop this tyranny?

Cowards. I love you all enough to speak the truth. And you are all a bunch of cowards.


I know when they came for my kids, I turned to find no one beside me. None to help. All I heard were crickets in response to our cries. (Forgive me if this is redundant for some, but be mindful that not everyone reads each of my posts.)

We were quite active in our church, school and neighborhood. Everyone knew my kids and loved them. The entire town, including our local sheriff deputies, were astonished the day they were told to stand down. They were shocked that it was my kids and me that Sheriff Janssen from Pontiac (MI) was after. Good God! My son’s best friend back then was the son of Mayor Anthony Malllia. Get that? Not even our mayor would help. Sure, he bitched about how awful, corrupt they are and how they cannot get anything right, blah, blah, blah. He even shared his anger about how “they could not be more horribly wrong” coming after my kids. Then he stopped answering my calls. Our church? No different.

The point of my complaint here is to point out the fact that when a perceived mysterious “Goliath” comes on the field, all too often even folks of ‘faith’ run and hide. Not only is this disturbing for the fact that “He who is in (us) is greater than he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4)…but also the fact that there is no real mystery. There is no “Goliath”. The image that most hold when it comes to child services is more borne of inexcusable ignorance. The true nature of this beast is not that difficult to figure out. It is as simple as adding. We have a system that takes children and they receive money for the “care” of those children, based on a head count.

It’s not genius level stuff, folks! And that is merely one avenue by which they gain funds. We’ll chat more about that later, but the point here is that I’m just a silly blonde with a ring in my nose and I figured it out. I’m just a mom who was attacked for doing right. No amount of patience and hard work has gained any progress in the fight to expose this garbage and I am forced to watch more and more parents get sucked into the black hole that is the schemes of this enemy…knowing these families will be demolished along the way. That is, if more folks do not step forward and come against this monster with us.


Somehow, somewhere there will be someone coming out to claim that I am just a nut who had a bad experience that I won’t stop howling about. Don’t get me wrong, I am a nut. I am nutty enough to not shut up about these atrocities–even after having lost everything as a result. But let me briefly outline my “bad experiences.”

First, I want to remind folks that one of my best friends has a Masters in Social Work and was a foster parent for many years. Another person I hold dear is a local attorney, deemed the top family court expert in the State of Ohio, and has extensive experience with this corrupt system. She is also one of my best clients. Another of my besties is the head of Ohio Family Rights and has never stopped helping families for the 16 years that I have known her. …and that’s just a few. So, I can say I have a rather well-rounded view of the system and how it works, from various vantage points.

My experiences personally with this system covers five counties within three states and spans about 20 years. This mess (photo below) I dug out of my office closet is only a portion of my own case, research and investigation and does not include the digital files or over 20 hours of video. Once I can figure out how to digitize the VHS tapes, I’ll get a lot of that posted.

I dug all this out of my office closet to the living room so I can be comfy on the couch as I sort through it all…again.

God-willing, I can put this up in a concise, easy to follow format so as to help others learn how to combat those vipers. God-willing, more will see clearly and muster the courage to bring action against child services agencies across this Country–get them out of their ballpark–to expose and begin to dismantle this child destroying empire.

Good place to start

So, I suppose a good place to start is at the beginning? The most inhibiting block I have hit time and again in trying to get all this stuff out there is the fact that there is so much tied into “one case”. So many years. So many factors. All the same tactics and motives. (Check out In the Wake of the Awakening, parts I & II.)

So, where do I start? Do I go all the way back to my very first encounter with social workers who were called in to “help”? In 1995, during the birth of my youngest a nurse was concerned about my then husband’s behavior toward our kids and me. Additionally, she was concerned about the scratches and bruises she found on me while I gave birth. Worse, she wondered why it took us four days of my water leaking for my then husband to get us to the hospital. My daughter was born blue. She almost suffocated inside me. The day after her birth I was visited in the hospital by two social workers.

Unbeknownst to me then was the fact that back then these agencies got more money for getting families into programs. This was before the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) that was signed into law in 1997 (Clinton regime), which expanded funds and fine-tuned the machine to just steal healthy kids. Unbeknownst to me then, these critters never have any incentive to actually help families.

How about back then? Do I start with that? Which led to Michael Felts (social worker) scribbling notes in our living room (January 1995), while my then husband admitted to some allegations. Here it is in Felts’ own handwriting…

This is one page of this social worker’s file on my family. Right here this Woodford County Kentucky social worker spells it out. Did you catch that last line? “admits smacking penis — cultural”

So, while I pled for help to get my kids and I away from our worst nightmare, my then husband admits to abusing us and playing with my son’s penis (my son was two at this time). And the people, paid by your tax dollars to help protect children, got all over my case. As my then husband began to cry to them (Michael Felts and Sherry Postlewaite, social workers), they assured him they could help. Then Felts turns to me and proceeds to insist that “He would not get so angry and treat you like that if you’d get a job and help out.”

Then they signed us up for all their money-making programs. My then husband beat us when these two left that evening, and after every program he was forced to attend. By God’s grace alone, we did get away later that spring.

So, do I start there? Or how about in Summit County Ohio when Magistrate Gui listened to testimony from our two therapists about my kids talking about witnessing sex acts and murder at the hands of their “father” and being molested by him? I have that entire transcript from May of 2001. All 219 pages. It’s quite a read.

Or how about when I found that, prior to this, Family Visitation and Mediation Center in Tallmadge Ohio (Susan Tucker) had fabricated “evidence” to make it appear that I was “exaggerating” things?

Or how about when they finally stole my kids in Michigan in 2002? I have a few boxes of documents, plus 16 hours of trial on video displaying their antics.

Or would you like to see something straight from one of my children? This is an excerpt of a letter my oldest daughter wrote to the GAL (attorney Geralynd Goldberg Mercer) who was appointed by Mahoning County Domestic Court (2005), after chatting at length with her regarding serious concerns about her brother and sister in the hands of the man that molested them. (I covered only my daughter’s name and address at the top left corner.)

See that? In my brave daughter’s own handwriting, she states (5th and 6th lines from the bottom):

“I know him (her “father”) to be a very violent, manipulative man. This man has also molested me on many occasions.”

NMR 2005 to Mahoning County Domestic Court-appointed guardian ad litem Geralyn Goldberg Mercer

And he got custody anyway. Mercer (the GAL) got her fancy appointment as magistrate right after she testified on behalf of my then ex-husband. Of course, she buried this letter and made sure to argue against my daughter’s right to testify.

See how they work?

Long ago, had I been able to get an attorney with the fortitude and sense to help me bring suit against at least child services in Michigan, when they stole my kids in 2002, life would be much different. And not just for me and mine, because I fight for all. But from right out of the gate and all through the years child services (along with domestic/”family” court, court services, etc) has been used to silence my kids, make me appear a lunatic, and aid and abet murderous child molesters. And over these many years, I see these same patterns and tactics repeated.

Leave me a note below to let me know where you’d like me to start. What will help you to best understand their taxpayer supported schemes? As I sort through this mess of boxes and digital files, I will update here. But your feedback will help me in laying this out for others to learn from–so mistakes are not repeated and we finally begin to get somewhere dismantling that wicked empire.

Let’s get somewhere good with this, folks. Lives of children literally depend on it.

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