What is Coming?

Every once in a while… Well, okay, more often than I’d like to admit 😉 I enjoy indulging in mindless entertainment. One of my favorites is the original CSI. It’s so corny, but so well put together. As of a few years ago, another favorite quickly became The Blacklist. Spader is is such a gifted actor and he is one of the few I can watch on a regular basis because I do not know much about his off-camera life! As great as I think that show is, they also have their moments of putting out crumbs in prepping the populace for what is planned to be forced upon us. A couple weeks ago I was astounded to see the old quackery of MSBP (Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy) bullshit portrayed as factual again. I was not astounded that they would do such a thing. I was astounded that the idiots behind it all still, after all these years, cannot come up with something new. Something that has not already proven itself to be a huge load of crap. Something that is not so obviously an outright fraud. After I got over that, for the most part, I had to wonder why. What is coming? What is coming next that “they” would begin to put that out there…again. The next day, frankly, it left my mind. That was until I heard a news blurb about a parent being suspected of MSBP. So, what is coming?

They used elements of a crime to fabricate a money-making weapon to attack good parents for voicing concerns about their kid, and treatments by doctors.

Same ole, same old

The facts should be clear to most by now, or at least those who are paying attention, that there has been an agenda played out intentionally against the general population. “They”, those who are in control of said agenda, have done quite well in inserting themselves and/or their proponents into literally every single facet of society and our daily lives. Yes, folks, “even” the church. Since this should be obvious to most, I won’t waste our time laying it out here. I point this out only to say that they are extremely predictable, once you get their general outline.

Case in point with this MSBP bullshit. Why, after all this time (since around 2001 +/-), are they regurgitating this highly debunked quackery? We can find a quick, simple answer in the fact that many children are dying and worse presently because of adults forcing this more recent bioweapon (“covid shot”) into their veins. A few months ago we started seeing ads promoting the ludicrous idea that heart issues, among other things, are “normal” for otherwise healthy children. That came in step with the Tic Tok videos and brief alt-news clips of parents pleading for their children’s lives, after the children developed severe complications from the shot. Now we have entertainment promoting a resurgence of MSBP quackery and a short news clip of a parent accused.

Do you see where they’re going? They already have prepared a widely accepted excuse to steal more children from concerned parents. The “news” will portray this as if they are uncovering a hidden world where parents make their kids ill and how the kids suffer in silence. The mainstream will urge the public that “We need to do something about this!” And, just like all the gun violence (that had always been there) “suddenly escalates” in the news during a time the state is ready to pass Constitutional Carry bills, we will see more and more parents accused and losing their children to this bs.

It’s the same ole methods. Same old mechanisms. Same ole agenda.

Prop for control

Putting such propaganda in our faces is intended to invoke fear in other parents. It sends the message to parents that if you take your child to the doctor and complain about a reaction to the shot, you will lose your kid and be labeled a lunatic. You may even be prosecuted for “making you child ill.” This is a win-win for them because it (usually) subdues the masses and gains money for states, agencies and doctors (etc) for following through with the illegal assault on parents, while silencing anyone trying to expose their bs.

Propaganda is for control. Period. Knowing this helped me to be, rather unwittingly, on alert for one of their next moves: Stealing kids that got sick from the shot, and nullifying concerned parents. All in one shot (pun intended).

Making up some mysterious disorder to take out those who attempt to expose them is nothing new. Pushing the propaganda to promote said “mysterious disorder” is nothing new. Again, it’s the same ole. Same old methods, tactics, and mechanisms to push their same ole agenda. Using their psycho-babble bullshit with all their fancy made up names and fabricated “case studies” make most folks simply accept the ideas because most are afraid to admit it makes no sense. “The emperor is naked”, if you will.

Breaking down the bullshit

Let’s break down the bullshit for a minute, using this MSBP quackery as an example. But do note that this is just one arrow in their quiver full of similar quackery, such as PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome). PAS is normally used to help a pervert or compliant parent gain custody from an outspoken, concerned parent. But for now, we’ll focus on MSBP.

First of all, if someone is actually, actively doing something to cause their child to become ill, that is a crime. Period. A crime that should be prosecuted to the fullest. So, I am not claiming that there are not people who might do such horrible things. All I am saying is they used elements of a crime to fabricate a money-making weapon to attack good parents for voicing concerns about their kid, and treatments by doctors.

BS Point One: One of the many fallacies woven into the illusion of MSBP is that the concerned parent “makes” a doctor perform “unnecessary” procedures, tests, treatments, etc. Folks, since when does any doctor jump at the demands of a parent? Use your common sense!

BS Point Two: Another thread of this “finely woven cloth” is that the child is claimed by the parent to have some panel of symptoms that do not make sense or cannot be diagnosed. Plainly stated, the doctors cannot figure out what is going on with the kid. That is not uncommon. That is no mystery. Any honest physician will tell you that medicine is a large percentage guesswork. Trial and error. Some things, of course, are routine. Still other things that present may take some educated guessing. No shame there, but they have woven this into the fabric of this “mysterious disorder” as a red flag that practitioners should watch out for.

…and let us not forget that all licensed professionals in every state are under a mandate to report any suspicion of child abuse. When they are fed this bs and threatened with revoking their license, what do you think most gutless practitioners will do?

Anyway… BS Point Three: The parent in question is said to be very friendly with doctors, nurses and other medical staff. No joke! That is another “flag”. And displays considerable knowledge beyond what is “common” for non-medical persons. Translated, this means if you are cordial and utilize your own mind, you could be a danger to your child.

Folks, I researched this extensively years ago through the first wave of this fad bs. I am telling you this is no joke.

Put just these three points together and apply them to a parent whose child suffers a debilitating reaction to the clot shot. Can you see it now?

A lot of parents, even those initially stupid enough to let someone inject this crap into their child, will look into things, get a second opinion (which is another “flag”, btw) when they suspect the shot may have harmed their kid. Most of those parents’ eyes will be opened to the mountains of research that the mainstream busts their asses to keep from public view. These, thinking their doctor cares for their child more than his or her own career, will share their new-found knowledge with said doctors.

And then what happens?

Maybe not every single time, every single kid… But isn’t even one child ripped from his or her parents too much? How about a child that was made ill by the government-enforced bioweapon? Just imagine the trauma.

Or how about something worse? …if you can imagine worse. How about the parents who use their God-given sense to keep this crap away from their children? I believe this MSBP malarkey will be (and has been) used against them as well, and likely more so. Can you see it clearly now? Whether MSBP or PAS, these cases are already occurring folks!

Parents that care enough for others to speak out against this genocidal agenda, who have healthy children, untainted by any of the bioweapons–former and present. What a money-maker for “them”, eh?

Great pains

Folks, I am taking great pains to simplify this as much as possible in hopes to prepare parents for what is coming: Mass stealing of children, using MSBP and/or PAS quackery, in order to keep their agenda flowing.

I plead with you all, if you know (meaning have a personal relationship with) our Lord Jesus Christ, trust in Him that you have been “given a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7) and use it to His glory. We are all urged, commanded to “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Ephesians 5:11, emphasis added)

So, you believer in our Lord Jesus, the Christ… WHAT are you going to do?

For everyone, STOP believing the liars! STOP listening to them!

For those who do not believe on the Lord Jesus, please take a moment and either leave me a message below or send me a private message. I’d be wholly blessed to introduce you to my Savior 🙂

He is the ONLY way we can take down these enemies, who are literally trying to destroy us.

Jesus is the ONLY way

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