It’s NOT About the Water

Nothing about anything that is happening over the past couple years is new. It has only become more obvious and prevalent. From the ever-darkening perversions to the overwhelming intentional destruction, it has always been this way. It was just more subtle. Attacks on our faith, attacks on our persons, parenting, liberty and speech–all of it! Take the recently aired research linking snake venom to this (so-called) “virus”. The interviews with Dr. Ardis, beginning with Watch the Water (Stew Peters) and Mike Adams (Dr. Ardis Bombshell part 1) may have been a shock to the senses for most, but, for me, finally this present mess makes sense. All the hype against the revelations brought out in those interviews reminds me of when The Serpent and the Rainbow movie was produced many years ago. That movie was released when I was 17. It was banned from US theaters, but the Kent State (OH) student center aired it. I am not one for horror flicks, but I found that one interesting, as it was based on a true story. The movie is, even for me, a bit corny, but portrays all the essential elements of the story well. One just needs to watch and pay attention. And not watch for entertainment purposes, rather information. The point is, all the stuff we are seeing and experiencing is nothing new. These things have always been going on, much to the shock of a stupefied public. What I find most puzzling, and, truth be told, almost angering, is that so much disbelief tossed at Dr. Ardis in response to the interviews is focused on the water as “the” method of delivery. <smh> Folks, it’s NOT about the water!

It’s not the water

Although I do agree that the water systems could be a viable means to make masses ill, I do not believe that was the point of Ardis’ research. I do believe his main point was, “My God! We now know what it (the so-called virus) actually is and therefore know how to better treat people! We can save lives!!” I do also believe that they are, in fact, putting this junk in our water. It makes sense. Make people ill enough to see a doctor, because the masses have been made to believe there is some new, lethal “virus”. Said doctor is paid to “diagnose covid” and give only specified “treatments”. Said “treatments” make people more ill using same poisons. If it weren’t so sinister, I’d say that it is almost brilliant. Multiple delivery methods, targeting multiple people groups with multiple preexisting issues is a sure fire way to kill lots of people. Or at least get them to line up for the kill shot.

On top of all this, though, for me it is perplexing and almost maddening that, after all these years of lies, malfeasance and nefarious works by our government, “the” church, medical establishment, social services, etc…. After all this time and all they have already done to us, so many people still actually believe their bullshit. Whether it’s about child-knapping child services, the Ukraine fiasco, our fake 2020 election…any of it! For every person that wakes up and smells the truth of the matters, there are 50 people ready to bash a true-teller and believe the liars, like Fauci, fake news mainstream, et al.

Fauci and other politicians, fake news, Biden +Admin, local docs, local “churches”, etc.

Let me ask this… Since we’re talking about water… Pretend you were dying of thirst on a long walk in the middle of a hot day. Then you came upon a water fountain that had a sign just under the dial that read, “Turn right for sewer water. Turn left for spring water.” Only one spigot. Would you drink from that fountain? Or investigate further? Is it alright to drink from a spigot that spews sewage, just so long as it doesn’t do that for you? Would you become a master at setting that dial to drink spring water in abundance, all for you? Or would you laugh at the ludicrous idea and move along the path to find actual, clean water to drink?

I am almost afraid to know what most folks would answer. My point is, when you find out someone–regardless of who–has lied to you even once, WHY would you take anything more that they may say? How many times does a person (doc, news, gov, etc) have to lie to you before you turn away and STOP “drinking” from that fountain?

2 + 2 ALWAYS equals 4

For decades now, we have been programmed to be hyper vigilant when it comes to what are actually fairly normal effects of living daily in a fallen world. Being human, surrounded by both nature-made and man-made “things” can cause an endless array of reactions as the body fights, or is simply adjusting to, various irritants. Does a mere rash, with no other issues, really mean a person is “allergic” to any given thing? Is a fever truly something to be feared? Personally, I have conducted my life with the mind that Elohim, the one true God and Creator of all, knew what He was doing when He designed us…in His image…and all our body’s reactions are indicators to get our attention. Not to freak us out and run to the nearest ER.

However, as I said, for decades we see predictive programming through commercials, “training” for teachers, docs, etc, about “new” things, and all sorts of methods. Then around the same time or shortly after, we see a new drug for some supposed new illness come out. Not long after that, it becomes protocol. Check these boxes and prescribe this. Alongside all that, our government begins making laws to ban or severely restrict things that actually work for actual illness. Much like child services, medicine and psychology have become a booming business, as opposed to truly being involved in the care of people.

Yet, some “mysterious virus” comes along–or at least that’s what we’re told–and almost everyone falls at the feet of the liars in ultimate obedience. At the same time, people–professionals that have nothing to gain–provide factual research, exposing the lies in hopes to save people and they’re bashed for “spreading misinformation”.

Gosh… Where have we heard that before?

I am not here to provide mountains of research or even to support any specific research out there. I aim only to beat down the walls of intentional ignorance, in hopes to save some lives. When you continue to listen to the same liars–no matter what they are talking about now–it is like returning to the same putrid well for a clean, cool drink of water. 2+2 ALWAYS equals 4, folks! Wake up! Think for yourselves! If you do not want to do your own research on the topics, then look into the many sources talking about those topics. Find a handful that have shown to be truthful and have nothing to gain in the equation.

…and for God’s sake! TURN OFF the so-called mainstream news. Do your research there, too. They have already proven themselves to be liars, pushing propaganda…literally to the deaths of many and to the destruction of our Country.

In summary

Anyone that truly gives a damn, please watch at least Stew Peters‘ interview with Dr. Ardis. That one gives a full summary of the scope of his research, backed with documentation, along with immediate suggestions to counteract the effects. It is a concise, fabulous starting point. If you prefer a deeper dive into the nitty-gritties, Mike Adams and Dr. Ardis have their wet suits on and air tanks full, diving deep into the coral reef specifics of what is really harming and killing people these past two years, and what we may be able to do about it.

All three of these men (Dr. Ardis, Mike Adams, Stew Peters) have nothing personally to gain from any of this. All three of these men have proven themselves to be integral truth-tellers that produce well-researched stuff. All three of them never tell you what to think and always encourage listeners to do their own research. 2


The information produced in those interviews has been viciously suppressed for over two years by “mainstream”. 2


…decide for yourselves.

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