Dismantling the Empire

The recent news about the kidnapping of Baby Cyrus should have everyone on edge. I praise the God Most High for the coverage and attention this case is getting. Over the past two decades I, and others, have tried our best to get this sort of attention to the facts of how the child services system operates, by design, to traffic our children–for our tax dollars, nonetheless. Thousands of us have screamed on deaf ears for about 50 years or more, reliving all the gory details that make clear the facts of how easily this can happen to anyone. Literally anyone. Many of us have either passed on or simply given up trying to get common folks to listen. To stand up with us against this monster that we call child “protective” services and their cohorts. All to little or no avail. Most folks, including attorneys, simply do not understand that this system operates as it does because that is how it is designed to operate. Most refuse to act when they are educated on the facts and clearly see how, essentially, easy it would be to begin to put a stop to these atrocities. It truly ought to be easy. It is as simple as understanding that this system was *not* designed to “protect” any child. Period. That’s just the cover story. Once we get that fact through their otherwise thick and reluctant skulls, the rest becomes clear and obvious.

This system was designed to generate income by reorganizing families. All this talk nowadays about population control, transgender bullshit and other sorts of perversions pushed by our government agencies (funded by our tax dollars), ought to wake folks up to the fact that the child services system is one of the oldest, foundational machines built to effectuate that very agenda. As former GA Senator Nancy Schaefer said, “this empire…upon which many other industries have become dependent.” It has become, truly, the “Goliath” mocking us from the field, well-protected and connected to every facet of our society and culture.

Because they can

The apathy over these many years from pretty much everyone–attorneys, politicians of every flavor, friends, neighbors, “the church”, et al–angered me greatly. I was an active family rights advocate for years and got politically involved (because I figured out politics controls everything). Yet, no matter the stats, research and evidence I presented to whomever would give me an ear for 5 minutes, all I got were shrugs. Some would dare say, “Oh! I can’t handle that.” Others would have the audacity to make excuses for the caseworkers, trying to tell me that “their intentions were good” or “they’re good people.”

Well, for one, Jesus said even of Himself…

“Why do you call me good? No one is good, except God alone.”

Mark 10:18


On the other notes, all I have to say is that anyone with a conscience and a mind that works can see that this system is evil. No amount of “good intentions” working within a wicked system will change that system or effectuate anything remotely good. So, if you know any of these “well-intended” folks that work within and/or for this system, let them know that history shows this system will eventually crush them.

I lost count of how many well-intended people I personally knew that tried to work within this system, as social workers, foster parents, etc, and were ultimately crushed for all their efforts in the actual protection of children. At least a couple of them that I know of ended up in jail–in spite of the fact they did nothing criminal.

So, how is any of this possible? How do they get away with all they do? Because they can. They have been enabled and incentivized to steal children from healthy families and put them through hell, eventually trafficking the children to other families of their choice. Kids who actually need help are kept with abusers, or maybe bounced in and out of foster placement and back to their abusers. Healthy children from stable homes are great commodity for almost immediate gain. Children in actual abusive or detrimentally neglectful homes are job security, because the agencies know they will eventually have to return to those homes. Too, kids raised in such an environment are future prospects for more cases.

This is only a mere drop in the proverbial bucket, in comparison to the functions of these agencies and their cohorts. I am trying to be brief (which everyone knows is difficult for me) here to get to this main point to help “red pill” the average person who may read this. This main point is this:

We have the Design of the System (CAPTA 1975, ASFA 1996/7, plus) + apathy and refusal of the facts by others = Multi-billion dollar Empire built on trafficking kids, under the guise of child “protection”.

Anyone, especially attorneys, politicians, etc, with an ounce of sense can see clearly how to dismantle this illicit Empire, if you only muster the courage to open your eyes.

It’s not about the Law

Let us please grasp and see clearly the fact that these agencies, courts and their cohorts do not follow the Law, let alone abide the Constitution. They don’t. They have their “guidelines” in their fancy “policies and procedures” manuals that dictate everything they do. Hence, what they are paid for.

Right out of the gate, an attorney worth his/her salt would see the facts clearly. For instance, in baby Cyrus’ case, we can see clearly from the video that the mother was lied to by cops to lure her into a more vulnerable position so that her baby could be stolen from her more easily.

That is no different than any other stranger luring a young mom into any other place with lies to commit the criminal act of kidnapping. No different.

Stay with me here a minute… If they had a warrant to remove the child, they would not have had to play such a game. But they obviously did not have the evidence needed for a warrant. Hence, the games and lies.

Furthermore, if the baby was indeed in danger and the parents were the cause, why were the parents not charged criminally? Harming a child is a crime, is it not? Oh! Not in the US. Sorry….

Oh, but the police, social workers, doctors, et al, believe they do not need a warrant. The Laws demand they do, but their policies trump the law every time–because it has been allowed to be this way. No one ever challenges these “policies” (kidnapping tactics), and thus, it becomes “that’s just how we do things.”

Plus, even in their courts (usually juvenile and “family”/domestic courts) the standards are dictated by policies, not law. For instance, anyone can call and make an “anonymous” complaint about the care of someone’s child. The agencies must check into these things. And the target parent is never allowed to know who made the complaint–even when it comes out unverified. So, what happened to my Right to face my accuser?

What happened to our Rights to be safe and secure in our person, home, etc?

Their “rules” of so-called evidence are even drastically reduced to a mere “preponderance”. In other words, you can be accused of some of the worst, most heinous, and often ridiculous, of offenses in their courts–BUT you cannot question the accuser. You cannot demand the “evidence” be fully discovered. You are barred from presenting actual evidence and witnesses–right to defend yourself. And this literally life-altering event is all kept hushed while they traumatize your child. …and so on. None of this, usually (99%), ever sees a criminal courtroom because they just want the create the drama for brownie points and money. Plus, they know full and well their games and fabricated bullshit would never pass the test of “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Why would they risk it? The discovery process alone would kill their case in a real court.

YET not one attorney, “family advocate”, etc… NOT ONE has stood up and called this out for what it is: An intentional and direct violation of Rights–right out of the gate. Period.

For what it is

Domestic courts and their rules, etc, were all originally borne out of Probate Law. Children are “property”. As time went on and their money-making schemes were implemented, they began to use the guise of “best interest of the child” bs and “child protection” lies. And, just like the insane mandates of recent, the sheeple just went along with it. Even praised it all. Never looking into the actual design of this system. Thus, enabling this system to grow into an enormous Empire.

Until people wake up to the FACTS of this monster and stand against it, it will continue and it will grow. Until attorneys grow some legal fortitude and utilize their positions and knowledge to actually fight for their clients, the wheels of this Empire will continue to crush healthy families.

The only way to fight this beast is to see it for what it is: A beast whose only purpose is to make money reorganizing families by trafficking children. Make it public. And attorneys need to nail these agencies, social workers, doctors, police, et al, to the wall right out of the gate. Get the action OUT of their ballpark (juvenile/”family” court) and into a higher court, on the actual terms. Such as Civil Rights violations. Color of Law violations. False Claims Act suits (which anyone that has knowledge of false claims for government funds being made by an agency, etc, can bring such a suite). Trafficking civil suit. Conspiracy to kidnap civil suit.

Seriously folks. Trump just brought a civil case against HRC and the damned (literally) DNC (who, both, by the way created this beast/system), which includes a RICO claim against them. So WHY, pray tell, will not one attorney stand up against this beastly empire for the sake of children???

We in the United States actually do have a marvelous legal system. The Constitution and other laws are there for the benefit of citizens. We just need to root out those that have perverted our system. We need to utilize the laws to enforce our Rights and stomp out the beasts and tyrants, along with their unlawful “policies”, that are destroying us, family by family–at our expense. Whether it’s against the tyrannical mandates, aiming to destroy our liberties over our own bodies, or the tyrants who steal our children. The only thing that gives them power is submission to their tyranny. Period.

It’s past due time to dismantle this empire and take back our Rights over our own families, and make sure any who step on those Rights is smacked down immediately.

I’ll leave you with this…

For now, I’ll leave you with this short video I put together when I was fighting for my own children, trying to bring awareness to the Crimes of these agencies, et al. This particular video tells a bit of “our story”, in short, to make clear that this truly can happen to anyone. The photos of children you’ll see at the end, I have written about a couple of them in other articles. You can find them in my archives on this blog.

Thanx for taking a few minutes to reflect with me in this short video and letting me share a bit with you. Hopefully, this time it can help instigate and sustain a perpetual movement to dismantle this wicked empire.

{Note: Please disregard the notes at the end of the video, as I am no longer involved in those organizations and the email address was closed. Anyone can contact me by leaving a comment below or clicking the contact button on the menu.}

One last note, to put this in perspective… The worst part of my case (when my kids were stolen) began in June 2002. My children were 13, 9 and 7 at that time.

May our LORD and God Most High avenge His children, that the ends of the earth might fear Him.

Micah 3:8

God bless you all and thanx again for your time oxoxo

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