God Always Wins

In the midst of all the confusion, here’s a testimony that should knock your dirty socks off into oblivion. Previous posts, In the Wake of the Awakening parts one and two (Perspective), you learned a bit about how this system is corrupt by design. Furthermore, you learned why, at least in part, election-rigging is an essential part of this machine. Through the experiences I shared, one ought to be able to see clearly how this corrupt system is also utilized to retaliate against those who speak against it. Today, I am sharing this testimony from my beloved son. Here you will see, in his own words, the result of a child that told on those who hurt them. But even better, you will see that God always wins–no matter what. Don’t give up folks. Hold the line!

The Truth, in my son’s own words

Where do I start, other than the beginning. I lived with my mom in a happy home with my two sisters, Carmen and Nina. Life was good. We went to church and praised God all the time in our house and He was always present in our lives. Then one day in our beautiful house and neighborhood, we got taken away.

They (police) showed up in a black car. Nina ran off, trying to escape. My mom was crying and me and Carmen were in the back seat of the black car. They caught Nina and away we went from the only type of life we had ever known to where–what I didn’t know at the time–our lives were about to change drastically. Me and Carmen were crying the whole way, saying, “Where’s Mom? Is she gonna get us?” and Nina just kept on saying that she doesn’t know what’s going on. Little did I know that we were going to a group home. We weren’t going to go back to the place or environment that we were used to all our lives.

We reached the group home and my sisters had to go to the girl section. I was all alone, by myself, in the big section. I felt so alone and didn’t know what was going on. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. Just wondering how and when will I be with my sisters and mom again. The next day comes and we had breakfast. It was like a jail in that group home. I ate and then we had recess. Finally I saw my two sisters. I asked Nina what’s going on. She had no clue. A couple days passed by and we got assigned to foster “parents”. Finally, I was leaving the group home and was going to be with my sisters! That was not the case in this situation. Nina and Carmen went together and I was as alone as I’ve ever been. In a stranger’s home without anyone but myself. Long story short, I was there for about a month and got transferred into yet another foster “home”. There I was with my sister Carmen. Nina was transferred somewhere else. Later, Nina ran away and when she returned to the court she was put with my mom. After a while, my mom sent her to stay with grandma. So, it was just me and Carmen in foster “care”, still wondering if and when we will be home. We had no clue what was going on or what was about to happen.

Before I get any further, let me back up a little bit and explain something. I was part of satanic ritual abuse. Yes, me and my sisters, when we were in Kentucky–long before foster “care” happened. In Kentucky, we were with my dad and his girl, Amanda, and her family. On a farm there is where all this ritual stuff happened. I was told that my mom had some stuff she needed to deal with, so we were with my grandma and ended up being with my dad for a bit. Not too long though, but back to the abuse.

(One example) It was a warm night. We went outside to see a large fire and people dressed in robes around the fire. We were led out into the night in our normal clothes. Amanda and my dad and her dad and mom and brothers were all there. They started to take off their clothes, sacrifice animals over the fire and drench themselves in the blood, while chanting a chant I couldn’t understand. I got touched and so did my sisters in a ritual sort of way. I was scared and didn’t know what was truly going on. Years passed and I know now what I didn’t know then. They were doing a ritual for the “betterment” of their lives. Later, her brother got successful and lots of money, and so did her mom. Eventually, so did Amanda. She got a good paying job, making lots of money. And my dad, well, he got me and Carmen.

Fast forward to Carmen and me being in foster “care”. We were there for quite some time and tried to get used to life again. Then I get a notice that our father wants to see us. At that time, me and Carmen both thought that was our stepfather, JT–my mom’s husband at the time. So we said yes! And then everything changed. We visited our mom sometimes, but visited our biological dad a lot more. Soon we left into his and Amanda’s custody, to live with them. I thought it was gonna be great, and it was okay for a while. I was in school making friends. Everything seemed fine. Then my dad’s wife, Amanda, split up with him and everything went downhill. The beatings started after she left and got worse and worse every day. He beat me harder and harder with each and every day passing. More and more brutal to the point I had marks and bled a lot. I got to a point that it didn’t hurt anymore and I told him that. He started kicking me with his steel toe boots and punching me, “like a man”, he said. And Carmen suffered through the beatings as well.

My father in no way was a father to me and has never been one, but through it all I still loved him. I just wanted him to stop and accept me. Then I grew up a lil bit and started the weird sexual stuff. He would mention stuff of a sexual nature and if I answered wrongly he said I was gay and would never find someone in my life. He kept saying that I might as well tell him the truth, if I was into men, because, as he said, he thought I was. (Again, this is just one example.)

My son made this for me a couple months after being taken by MI child services, being questioned about the KY incidents and forced to visit the people they told on.

Time passed by and the beatings proceeded. Then my grandpa in Puerto Rico died, so we moved there shortly after that. Just me and my dad at first. Here I am, a white boy not knowing how to communicate properly in Spanish, and I was in an all Spanish-speaking school. So what did I do? I dropped out. I started to drink heavily and relied on pick-me-ups, like weed, to get by. That is the only place I felt comfort from anyone and anything. The last time my dad beat me, he threw a screwdriver at my leg. I had enough. By then, I was 20, almost 21, and I’d had enough. So, I moved back to Ohio with my mom.

Because of all that I was told, I didn’t stay with my mom long at first. I moved in and out a lot. That started my path into heavier stuff–heavier drugs and more alcohol abuse–because I thought my life had no meaning and I was worthless. The things of these years had beaten me down so much, I forgot the Lord I knew as a child. I did drugs and drank so much one night that I thought I was gonna die. I was ready, too, because I thought my life had no value. Obviously, I didn’t die that night, but I picked myself up and moved back to my mom’s. I was so on and off with the Word of God and struggled so much that I turned to darker things. I went so in depth with it that I ended up getting demonic attachments more and more. Even more than I had through my father, with the whole Kentucky thing, etc. I really thought that was the way to go, until it was affecting my whole life. It was consuming me. I heard whispers and those whispers turned to screams, telling me I’m worthless and that I’m better off dead.

Pass some time, I got tired of it all and went back to the Lord with my mom’s help. I found the Lord once more and He gave me new purpose in life! A new calling to help people like me and how I was. He forgave all my sins and revealed the truth about my past. It’s hard to write this, but harder to know that there are people struggling with the same things that I went through–satanic abuse, ritual abuse and physical abuse. I just want those people to know that there is a way out! Through the darkest of times, throughout the most dreary of days, there is a Light at the end of the tunnel. That Light is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! He can bring you back to life in more than one way and forgive all of your sins.

I was not a good person at all in the past and hurt people along the way, but I lifted it up to Jesus Christ and He gave me a peace I cannot describe. It’s unreal that I turned my back on Him, but He still is willing to forgive me. Now, with my mom and her husband, I have a better outlook on life–for Jesus saved me. He can save you as well. No matter what you did, just turn against it and come to Jesus and He will lift you out of anything and everything. He is with you even in your darkest of days. He is with you even when you think that He’s not. He will always be.

My mission now is to help people in need that went through and/or are still going through things like I did. That’s my calling. that Jesus called me to do. So when you think that He won’t want you, it’s a lie of the enemy! He will always want you. Confess your sins, for no matter what it is or what you did you can be saved from the darkness. If a man like me, after all I have done and been through, can be saved so can you. So please come to Christ because He can save you and your life. It’s never too late and it will never be too dark for Him to save you. Please, I tell you! He’s given me a new opportunity at life and He’s waiting to give to you as well. He will grant to you gifts that He has waiting for you. Just turn to Him and say that you give your life to Him. Devote your life to Him.

You–yes, even you who reads this–can and will be dragged out of the darkest of times and into His eternal Light, for He is our Father. Our one, true Father. That is all that matters.

In his own words…

Though not exhaustive, as far as details of the lengthy story, my son says it perfectly. The LORD our God is the One and True Father, Creator and Savior of all, Who wills that all come to Him.

This is good and pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

1 Timothy 2:3-4

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