In the Wake of the Awakening Part II: Perspective

As I continue the information dumped In The Wake of the Awakening, I want to first stress my hope that you all get the main point of what I am sharing: The very design of the system is corrupt. Thus, even the few otherwise “good” people working within this system long enough, they get the clue that there is no real Justice. No actual Truth. No, as in the child services system, real protection of precious, innocent children. Too many times to count, as you can see in my previous post, folks within the system cautioned me about “how things are done.” They, in effect, were telling me the very few laws we have do not really matter, because in this system policy (aka, how things are done) takes precedence over law–even the Constitution. All this is kept in place and built upon by fixing elections to varying degrees–assuring that key folks are placed/kept in key positions. Hopefully, after reading this, all may have a deeper and broader understanding of why auditing every state in our union is crucial–especially for children.

In this post I want to start by clarifying something most folks do not seem to realize: Our Constitution does not define anywhere our Rights as Parents. In the wake of the awakening, this Part II, I hope to enable truth-seekers to gain perspective of what is really going on in our country and enable the understanding that it is designed so. You will then be enabled to clearly see why we must audit every single state in the United States’ election 2020local and national. When we do that, we will blow the lids off of all corruption. After all, “electing” specific folks in key positions gains control of virtually all things public. In that, they help their buddies continue nefarious practices, control populations and keep folks duped into believing we are “free”. So, I hope you read on, do some homework (ALWAYS check out info sources), and when you see what’s going on stand up, speak out, hold the line against what has ravaged our children for so, so terribly long.

This video (above) is something I had to do for a communications class in 2013 (back when my last name was Thomas and my hair was much longer). The assignment was to put together a presentation on something to do with a redemptive function of the church. Well, of course I had to tweak it 😉 I spoke on urging the church (no particular denomination) to reclaim a basic, redemptive function that God created: What we now call “social work.” Feel free to share it, especially with your church.

Controlled people, Key positions

Before I get back to where I left off in part one, I want to highlight a couple points you should have gleaned from all that I spewed there. Did you catch how, in the part about my experiences with Mahoning County (OH), all it took to further destroy my life was for the clerk of courts to do two things: One, repeatedly deny me access to my files so that I could complete an appeal to the custody order. Two, make sure the notice for the next hearing was sent to the wrong address–which guaranteed I did not show up. In that, they were able to obtain an order that suspended my drivers license. And, of course, I did not receive that order either. Months later I got pulled over by a police officer in Cuyahoga Falls who, before even asking me for my license, told me I was driving under a suspended license. Interesting to note, a friend of mine who looks a lot like me was pulled over while driving my truck a few weeks later.

Things that make you go, “hmmm.”

In my line of work, without a valid drivers license I have no work. Period. My business went from growing steadily to absolutely zero literally overnight. Just making sure I did not receive a notice or two, they were able to dismantle any means I had to fight back. To fight to protect my kids. To fight to expose what they do to kids.

Much the same in Summit County when the prosecutor’s office was playing charades in the case against Mango’s manager (2006). Walsh’s office (a well-connected, put in place prosecutor. Soros-funded? Not sure…yet) made sure the clerk’s office sent the subpoena for the victim/primary witness to the wrong address. The case was immediately dismissed because the victim/witness never showed up. Surprise there, eh? Looks like Walsh made sure her pervert buddies did not get exposed. She also covered her own rear. Tanking that case made sure there was no opportunity to expose the fact that she commanded “her” vice cops to attend the Girl’s Gone Wild event at Mangos that night. Did any of them enjoy the “boom-boom” room?

So folks, you can see in just those two tidbits that it comes in mighty handy to put their people in key positions. Hence, one of the primary reasons to fix electionsespecially at the local levels. How else do you think Summit County has been “democrat controlled” for several decades??

As you read on, keep in mind the fact that each player in this racket does not even have to be aware of what any of the other(s) are doing. Way back when Lenny was still on Law & Order, he said it best: “…you don’t need to show that the players even know each other…. You just need to show that one hand is washing the other.”

Now on to finishing the story…

As we move along here in this saga, I want to caution you all to please do not allow yourselves to be overwhelmed with sadness or crazy with anger. Take a hold of the righteousness of Christ and imagine that whip He had when He drove the money-changers out of the temple, in your hand 😉

One more note on Michigan before I move along… For a couple years the State of Michigan repeatedly sent me bills for the “care and representation” of my kids. I’m not joking. Those cronies were after me for over $60k. Well, at least that was the last figure before I was able to stop them. Are you getting this? They illegally snatch my kids, traumatize them, abuse them, hand them over to a couple of perverts, all the while their GALs and the attorneys are lying their rears off in court to interfere with a criminal case of another jurisdiction–and they literally wanted me to pay for it directly. I just sent them copies of the Laws on the Reasonable Efforts clause (under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act). Along with that, I sent a letter and a copy of transcripts from the first hearing, where the social worker clearly admitted that “No reasonable efforts” were made to prevent the removal of my kids (which is a necessary element of the RE Clause to obtain funding from the fed). And I cc’d all that (hard copy, snail mail) to the US Department of Health & Human Services. Haven’t heard a thing from them since.


Where we left off in the previous, seemingly endless, story was the point in which Jeralyn Mercer Goldberg was appointed magistrate in Mahoning County Juvenile Court (OH) just after her salacious testimony in favor of Manuel Ramos getting custody of my two young children (2006). Mercer, you are one of the lowest forms of scum. This was in spite of the hard facts and evidence against such insanity. Then, as noted above, the clerk’s office denied me access to my files so I could not formulate a proper appeal. At the same time, they find out that I exposed their two head judges (of juvenile and domestic court) as cohorts to gain funds through their “visitation” centers–who also blocked me from seeing my kids from then forth. Still, in the midst of those storms, I held to the promises of God and His goodness. Romans 8:28 promises that He “works all things for the good to those that love Him and to those that are called according to His purposes.” By His grace, I kept pressing in.

During the discourse of issues in court, I also discovered that Amanda had left Manuel shortly after he got temporary custody (Sept. 2004) and headed to Florida with their girls and her crack-head boyfriend. Not long after that, she filed for divorce from him. This affirmed what I told people for many years–since 1998. I was certain the only reason she was with him was to help him get my kids and make sure I was blamed for all they did. Remember? The “promise” made to me by Cindy Foster in December 1997? Funny thing is, though, not even they could get Manuel to sign the divorce papers, let alone show up for a hearing in Florida. That battle went for a few years as well.

Let’s get into context here: My kids were brave enough to tell on some really bad people. But because they were related to one of them, they system easily worked to shut them up and just take the abuse–so that the truly treacherous people can continue to steal kids, perform their rituals, movies, etc. while catering to the “upper echelon” of society. Much like the Constanzo case (Mexico, late 1980’s), I believe at least some of these people make some serious money doing these unspeakable things. And because of “how things are done”, witnesses/victims brave enough to tell are re-victimized. ALL done within the confines of the system.

On top of that, I was quickly learning that many of these “elected officials” were involved in various capacities. Let me make clear the fact that I am not saying they all were involved in the direct harm of children–but they all profited from the harm of children in many ways. Some, they obtained a position they wanted (ie: appointed magistrate of Mahoning County Juvenile Court). Some, they were “re-elected” to remain in their positions. Still others had young children and knew first-hand what would happen if they did not go along with the schemes or at least stay out of the way. And that’s just a few poisonous spiders that keep the evil web intact.

Are things becoming clearer now?

A brief word

Sorry for the delay. I started this post about a week ago, but when I got to this point I had more difficulty recalling the names of the child services nazis and others involved. So, I started to dig through the many boxes of files, searching for those names. It dawned on me finally last night that, for one, I really need to digitize the files! Ha! Cut down on the storage space needed. But more important, I don’t really need all their names. Most of the CSB (Summit County Children’s Services Board) gestapo are pretty much faceless drones, eager to please their masters only. To follow “how things are done.” To lie, fabricate and pull all sorts of stunts is common practice. Whatever it takes to get the job done! …and, oh, I am not talking about the job of protecting children.

Seriously. Child abuse is *not* a crime in the US, folks. And, it is not a crime because in many ways it keeps the world going around for those in control. Others, simply look the other way and say, “That’s just how things are done.”

The very construct of that system needs destroyed. No real good will ever come of it and it only turns good people rotten. But we first must get the corrupt bastards out of their illegitimate offices. To do that, we must first find the fraud that got them/kept them in office. To do that, we first must fully audit at least the 2020 election.


The LORD our God always makes a way

Okay… So the year was 2009, Manuel had my younger two children (then 14 and 16) in Mahoning County, Ohio (thanx to Jeralyn Mercer Goldberg selling out to get a magistrate seat). That summer I received a call from Manuel’s new woman asking me…

Now get ready for this one…

They called me to request my assistance to get my youngest daughter to return from Florida. They sent my kids to Florida to visit Amanda and her daughters for a few weeks. When it was time to return to Ohio, my daughter remained in FL with Amanda.

Understand the context here. Amanda tried for four years at this point to get Manuel to FL to complete their divorce, to no avail. So she fills my daughter’s head with more garbage to use her as a tool to get him down there. My kids were merely tools to serve her purposes. I recall in Michigan in 2003, standing in the hallway at the courthouse I overheard Amanda asking the social worker how much money they would get when my kids were moved to her house. And, let us not forget, at the behest of her mother, Cindy, Amanda was primarily working to shut my kids up and get me blamed for all they did. Now, my youngest daughter was not only a tool to use against Manuel, to help Amanda get what she wanted. She had also been grooming my little girl for her perversions. Some of the photos I came across of Amanda and my daughter, though not explicit, were very telling and quite disturbing.

Because I still could not drive Manuel’s new woman insisted I drive to FL with them. Ha! Like that was going to happen. But I did see that God was opening a door here, so I called a friend. We met them down there after driving to Sarasota in less than a day. The sheriff that assisted us was quite helpful and even signed as a witness to Manuel signing a paper, giving me custody of my daughter. Practically from the day I got her home, Amanda did not cease to cause problems–of course, using the system to do so.

Multiple times we were visited by social workers, who burst in despite having no warrant. They did not even give a damn about the fact that my mother, with whom we lived, was in the last stages of untreatable cancer. They did not give a damn about how wonderfully my daughter was adjusting to her new school, or how well she was doing in spite of everything.

So, Summit County Child Services Board (CSB), how often do you send your goons out with no license to legally practice social work? How many other lies and fabrications will we find as we dig through your papers? How often is common practice to have an ex parte meeting with the magistrate?

I recall when I went to file my stack of motions an attorney standing next to me initiated idle conversation. When I told him that I was filing for dismissal based on, among other things, proof of fabrication, unlawful ex parte and the fact that the social worker was not legally licensed, he chuckled. I bet you can guess what he said in response.

“That’s just how we do things around here.”

Judge Linda Teodosio (long-time head of juvenile court), how is it you can blatantly disregard the proof of outright illegal actions of CSB? Why is it you were more concerned with slamming me for a protest in Stow–that my daughter’s classmates organized–instead of the safety of my child? You politically-motivated viper. You ordered the liars (CSB) to get Manuel up here from Puerto Rico and attempted to force her to return to his custody. You did this AFTER she told you to your face how scared she was of him and why. I’m certain my daughter is terribly sorry for knocking over that sheriff, but a CHILD told you directly about ABUSE, yet you forced her to return to her abuser. WTH?

Instead of sending her home with me, you then ordered her to go to a youth shelter in Akron. Only because I complained and made it public, you did make sure she made it to school. You had the citizens of this county pay for a taxi to drive her to and from school each day–right before midterms that year (Jan. 2010). Get that? Pay for a taxi to drive her about 14 miles one way, twice a day (56 miles per day, 5 days a week for almost a month), when we lived literally less than a mile from her school. It’s not your money. So, I guess you have no problem wasting tax-payers’ hard earned dollars while further traumatizing my little girl.

So, Teodosio, how do you justify all that money spent. Since I know you do not give a damn about the safety and well-being of children (Jackie Cooper’s murder under your watch is prime example of that), how about all the money you wasted with your ridiculous orders? And it did not stop there. When it all came to a point where, after I finally got an attorney, all parties were in agreement that I would have custody, you still demanded CSB “monitor” us in my dying mother’s home. Once a week, you ordered a social worker to harass us. The lustful way he stared at my beautiful teen girl was disgusting! But you ordered this even against the FACT that CSB wanted no part of being involved with us anymore. Even the corrupt CSB wanted nothing more to do with me. But you just could not let it go. Was that because you remembered how my buddies and I exposed what you did to the Hill family (2005)? Or subjecting Jackie Cooper to ritual torture and murder, while your CSB cronies made money on “monitoring the case”? The other cases I exposed? Do tell.

Why? You may think you are above reproach, but let me enlighten you: You work for The People. All you elected “officials” do. The only reason you continue to hold that bench is that you are bought and paid for. I cannot fully prove that yet–but I am not finished. By God’s grace, I will find the evidence. So, you will answer my questions, either willingly on your own or from the other side of the bench. What shade of orange do you prefer?

Over half of my mother’s last two years with us on this planet were bombarded with your unlawful and corrupt, politically-motivated orders, Mrs. Teodosio. You and I will have that chat someday.

Others along the way

Now, I’m skipping a lot, but I want to get to the main point at hand: Election Fraud. As I mentioned in prior posts, all this family court, etc, stuff is what pushed me to get involved politically. By the time I was being spun around by the buffoonery in Teodosio’s court, I had been involved in local politics for about 2 years or so. During this time, I did come across some really decent folks. I consider them divine appointments, for I believe had I not met them and learned what they shared, I would not have been able to get ahead of the game as quickly as I did. I will not mention many of their names here, mainly because most of them have young children.

Early on, there was a fine young man that gave me the inside scoop as to why otherwise “good” legislators do not bring up the issues of child services. He said even just bringing up the topic “is sure to start a dog fight.” I laughed at the idea that our elected “leaders” are so gutless, and expressed as much to him. When it comes to the protection of children and good families, there should be no question whether to fight or not. My response to him? “Take me down there. Bring it on.”

Then there is Summit County Councilwoman Gloria Rodgers, who I met by phone in December of 2009. It’s such a weird quagmire of things to love someone so much and hate almost everything they do–and refuse to do. But we’ll leave that for another post. The point here is, as I was learning the political ropes someone told me to call my councilman. I called her to get assistance against the harassment of CSB and file charges on Amanda for using the system to harass me with false reports (as she has done since 1997). We had an enlightening chat for the most part. Just as I was getting the notion that she was a fighter, at one point she whispered to me, “You don’t know what it is like there.” The “there” she was referring to was at the county council. She was “surrounded by democrats” and she just touted how long it had been since a Republican was elected to county council. Yet each time I mentioned doing something about the fraud perpetrated by CSB (using our tax dollars in support of their unlawful acts, lies, fabrications, etc), she really did not respond–except to reiterate “how it is there.”

Still, beginning to understand the political game, I campaigned for her each time she ran for re-election. Still, she fended off all my inquires and insistence on doing something about our system. At one point she even took me aside and cautioned me to “contain” myself. At a local Republican club meeting that she was hosting at the time, she took me aside to “make sure” I would behave myself for her keynote speaker was the new director of CSB. Mind you, I had never conducted myself in any manner less than respectful. Yet, I suppose she felt the need to “contain” this lesser being?

So, Gloria, you will spotlight one of the primary perpetrators (director of CSB) of fraud, dismantling good families while aiding the abuse of other children, supported by our tax dollars, but caution me? How dare you?

Yes, Gloria, I voted for you again. For whatever that was worth. Just know that the only reason I did vote for you the last time is because you and your cronies (the local/state Republican club) successfully ousted the man more suited for your position and blocked him from running altogether. Yeah, I heard all of that scandal. Did you recognize that I took down the post I made of all that back then? After the man more suited conceded to not run against you, out of respect for him I removed that quite revealing post.

Now we come to Frank LaRose, our Secretary of State, who is also running for re-election. Over the years, Frank, you and I had a few quite deep conversations. In that, I was able to glean that you were a man of integrity and could think for yourself. You weren’t owned. That is why I was compelled to bust my ass to assure you get into office. In spite of the fact that I always suspected the fraud in the voting systems, we got you there.

Some of those conversations, whether in email or in person, were about my experiences and investigations, as I have outlined briefly here and part one of In the Wake of the Awakening. That and how it’s connected to other things, such as the long, perverted history of people like Mike Callahan, and how the system works to enable it all. Remember? How many times have I said, “How does a judge get taken off his bench one year for having prostitutes in chambers (etc), then come up as prosecutor the next year?” I lost count of how many times I have asked that question. The answer is obvious! Fix the county election!

Almost everyone knows at least a bit of what I have spewed over the years. That is why most of you stay away from me. Ignoring me, however, has helped perpetuate the disgusting things “they” do to children and the families “they” destroy.

Frank, right now you are in a position that can be the first rock thrown down to destroy their temple. You can order a full forensic audit of at least the 2020 election. And not just the national. The *local and county* level is where such controls are all deeply rooted. That will be the start of flushing out the perverts and their “elected” cronies.

You cannot do everything to stop them, but you can do what you can do. You, Frank, are greatly needed right now. I understand it can be scary. Trust me! I do understand, after over 25 years, 5 counties and 3 states. But when does it stop if we do not do it now? Look at the precious faces of your beautiful children and ask yourself if you want to leave them the mess as it is, or be their hero and be the start of helping to clean it up.

I do dearly love you and your beloved wife. So, please, love Ohio…and do your American duty. Perform a full forensic audit. If I’m proven wrong, no biggie. Either way, whether you uncover fraud or not, you come out on top.

Look at these faces in the photos of my kids. You cannot change anything for them, but think of how brave they were and what it cost them to do what was right. Now, add a few adults in elected positions of authority on their side, such as yourself. I am certain their outcome would have been vastly different.

#AuditOhio, Frank.

{Please forgive any type-o’s, folks. It’s a bit difficult for my teary eyes to proofread well at the moment.}

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