Giving Up is Never an Option

Rather than go on to the infamous “Part Two” of my previous post, In the Wake of the Awakening, I decided to take a short break. There is a song I wrote recently to, particularly, my oldest daughter. Originally, I planned to send it to the pop star Pink, to see if she’d actually put it to music and get it out there. My hope was that my daughter would hear it and through it, God would touch her heart. Bring her home. I know, I know. Pipe dreams, right? My confession is that I never sent it to Pink, but I am going to share it here because I want folks to see that, with the Love of Christ in your heart, giving up is never an option. There is always something, somewhere, somehow that, by God’s grace, will break through and bring His plan–the Lord’s promises to full manifestation. Just think for a minute how the Disciples must have felt initially, watching their King hang on a cross and die the most painful, grueling death. Imagine, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. How would you be after having walked with the Master for three, mind-blowing years, only to discover an empty tomb? Would you be, in that state of despair, reminded of all He told you would take place? Would you fall apart, after traveling, breaking bread with Him who saves and tells you your entire history upon first meeting? Would you just give up? What would you do? Nowadays is not a whole lot different for those who have walked with Him–many of us, much longer than three years. Take a deep look inside yourselves. What remnants of His Word are still there? Then look up to Him whose Word never fails. You, too, will find that giving up is never an option.

Why P!NK?

Some of you may… Well, actually many of you may be wondering “Why Pink?” Why would I reach out to a secular pop star if, in fact, I “truly am Christian”? Fact is, folks, I absolutely love that lady. Now, I sure have heard some rumors out there about some crazy things. I cannot verify those sources, so they hold little (if any) weight in my opinion. The evidence I see clearly is in her interactions with her children and husband. The first video I saw of her and her daughter was when they were recording A Million Dreams. It broke my heart (in a good way) because it reminded me of my oldest girl and me a long time ago. Her genuine, excited attentiveness, obviously overwhelmed with great joy in the blessing of her beautiful little girl, was just so refreshing.

Still, you say, “Pink does so many controversial things.” Well, “for a Christian” they may be controversial. Frankly, if we’re really looking at this through a Biblical lens, there is no “controversy”. Many of her video skits and such are outright worldly…to put it mildly. However, you same folks that may attack my affections here–do you wear “yoga pants”? Walk around practically naked and claim it’s fine? Do you scrutinize others with the same standards you’re using here?

Take the plank out of your own eye first.

Okay… Moving on from that. I simply wanted to address any backlash before it got started. It ought to go without saying, but I suppose I’ll say it anyway: I do not condone some of the things portrayed in Pink’s music videos. But I love her and much of her music, in spite of all that. Like me, she is unapologetically real and I like that.

Now that I’ve provided a basis to cut the crap and give an understanding, can we get on to the good stuff? 😉

Way back when Raise Your Glass came out, my oldest girl was in Los Angeles, CA. She called me one day, so excited and shared with me that she was in Pink’s video for her new song (Raise Your Glass). When I asked, “What is Pink?” she burst out laughing! Later that day she sent me a link to the newly released video. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so I cried as much as I be-bopped around to the snazzy song. One part in particular got me giggling. The scene where Pink is feeding a calf from milk apparently pumped from several blind-folded ladies lined up in chairs. My daughter is in the first chair (foreground). When my girl was very little she asked me, “Mommy, why don’t baby cows drink mommy milk, but baby people drink cow’s milk?”

Ah, those days of innocent questions from an untarnished, probing mind! I think you get the candor, so I’ll move on. But it was then I began to pray for Pink (as I do for everyone I meet or that’s laid on my heart).

My daughter is also the lady that steps out of the shadows around the end of that video and blows rose petals. Ah, what a beauty.

So, even then I did not follow Pink much. I’d just play the video here and there. Well, that was until I saw her with her little girl. It was then I started to dig in to her stuff and listen more. She reminded me so much of myself way back when–short, bleached hair, a bit rough, very bold, not afraid to just be herself and never really followed the crowd. (All those things I was able to glean from verified sources.)

Then I found her song, Give Me a Reason and, oh my! Granted, when I discover a song, it’s usually well after it was actually released. I do not follow stars, music (whether Christian or secular), movies and all. Not that it’s altogether wrong to do so, I just have no interest…usually. Anyway. The satire, yet again! The first few words uttered from her mouth in that song describe exactly how my husband and I met! He, then a perfect stranger, simply walked up beside me and put his arm around my waist. He pulled me close to his side and calmly said, “Man! I could steal you!” And steal me, he did!

I get great kicks out of stuff like that 🙂 Top it off with the fact that the chorus of that song, “…we’re not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again”, reminds me of when Isaiah said, “A bruised reed He will not break….” (Is. 42:3) I don’t know if any Bible verse played into Pink’s inspiration for that song. I’m just enjoying the metaphor and being reminded of God’s Word.

“…we’re not broken, just bent, and we can learn to love again.”

Give Me a Reason, P!NK 2013

Now, my Song

Okay… Now that I am done babbling about all that for now, I just want to share this song I wrote for my oldest little girl. If, by God’s grace, it gets to her somehow that would be fabulous. If Pink ever takes it on, well, that would just add to the connective points of wit. My point for sharing this is to offer us all a break from the crazy, heaviness of all that most of us are dealing with.

As I mentioned at the start here, in pursuing what is right, giving up is never an option. Truly, the Love of Jesus Christ motivates me. I pray that you all are motivated the same, for only then can true victory and healing come.

I hope you enjoy the song. I pray you see past the “sad” parts enough to see the relentless love that keeps me from getting depressed or beaten down. Rather, I am hopeful always. You’d do well to grab a ahold of the same.

You Think I’m Crazy

(copyright 2021, CLMima)

Let's talk it out
Or we can fight it out
Let's at least do something to try it out

I know you think I'm crazy
But you're still my baby
And this silence of years cannot make that go away

Last night I dreamed again
You knocked at my door
I finally got to meet your beautiful little girl
The tears of joy scared me awake to the moon peering through my window
So many things I've wanted to say
Too many times I've wanted to share
These moments of our lives simply pass away
And I'm wondering again--how are you doing out there?

If I could scream loud enough
For you to hear to hear me
I'd bellow out this song
In hopes to draw you near me

Aunt Teri says, "Hello"
Your brother misses you, too
I know he'd be the best uncle
For that little, bright beauty
I bet she is just like you
When my husband plays with Asher--
Oh, that's Teri's grandson--
I day dream of your little girl
I know we'd have such fun!

I know you think I'm crazy
But I miss my baby--
This is my every day

Old times, new times
Joyful times, blue times
Run through my mind...
All the time

All that shit when you were a child
Was so messed up
When we got away, I tried to protect you three
But that bastard just would not give up
It destroyed parts of me when he got your brother and sister
You were just a kid too, then
So it was hard to understand
Why I wasn't there for you, as much as I should have been
I should have just shot the bastard before things got so much worse

If I could scream loud enough
For you to hear me
I'd bellow out this song
To tell you I'm so sorry...
Nina, please come home

Let's talk it out
Or we can fight it out
Let's at least just do something to try it out

You are in my every day
Like when you sit on my patio swing
Well, actually
It's Grandma's old thing
I cleaned and painted it pretty, just like I think she'd like it
We chat while I get dirty with the flowers in my yard
And laugh about your little girl playing so sweetly with Mia-
Oh, that's my dog
Too much time has passed but today doesn't need to be lost
You can find me at our hometown...
There is so, so much more to share

And we can talk it out
Or we can fight it tout
We can whisper or scream
But at least let's just give it a try and work it out

I know you think I'm crazy
So, I was going to ask Pink to bellow out this song
In hopes that you will hear it
In hopes to bring you home

So we can be crazy together again

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” [Isaiah 43:19]

Okay… Now I’ll get back to work on “Part Two.” 🙂

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