In the Wake of the Awakening

Whether you believe all the stuff about underground, world-wide, elitist child trafficking and DUMBS…. Whether you believe the Q stuff and the Anons that decode and put the information out there…. All the arrests and such. Whether or not you believe that what took place last November 3rd and since was legit…. And whatever you believe about those shots, lockdowns, et al…. Whether you believe all those that believe that stuff are a bunch of raving lunatics…or terrorists…. No matter what you believe about any or all that is going on today, there are a few things that I do know for certain. A few weeks ago I mentioned that I would make posts detailing incidents and experiences directly connected to much of what is going on today. A few weeks ago, I fully intended to follow through on just that–personal experiences and first-hand knowledge from directly investigating such things. Since then, I have sat here fumbling for words. For over twenty years I have spoken, wrote, researched, investigated and tried to get others’ attention to such things, to no avail. So, for me all that’s coming out in the wake of the awakening, I must say with a bird’s eye view, is simply wonderful.

Whatever whoever believes, I must confess that the seemingly crazy things we are hearing are, in the very least, plausible. Not only is it plausible that these child trafficking systems have operated smoothly throughout and with the help of our systems of government at all levels, but it also makes sense that the fixing of elections is large part of it all. A close look at Summit County, Ohio would provide a great example of that.

The plain fact of it all is that “they” have been doing most of the shit you’re hearing about for many decades.

Git comfy, folks. This is going to be a long read. But I promise, it will be greatly informative. And this may be an exhausting read, but believe me it is not exhaustive.

One more last note before I drown you with my never-ending babble. In 2004 I compiled a full investigative report on all the issues, locations and people up to that point. I provided a copy of this report, and supporting evidence, to Dr. Dale Griffis, a renowned expert on cult crimes, and the corruption of this system and trainer of law enforcement all over the country. His primary response was,

“I have baskets full of cases just like yours.”

Dr. Dale Griffis, 2004

To the extent

As much as I intended to carry on with astounding details of experiences over the past twenty plus years, in hopes to provide folks with some perspective, I just can’t. Far too long I have investigated, researched, put things together in formal reports, talking points, briefs, etc. These experiences and investigations are the reason I was compelled to get politically involved at all. No one responded. Well, a few here and there asked a few questions that never went anywhere. All my efforts hit walls. So, why waste my time again?

I even know where there are likely bodies buried. Children. Locally and in other states. I say “likely” based on the investigations I have done thus far, as well as personal experiences and interviews. The only thing left to do is go search those areas. Sounds simple? Right. At one point I even bought a dog and learned how to train her for cadaver search work. That got me nowhere, especially when the scamdemic hit and everyone that could have helped disappeared. But, by God’s grace, even after decades and all the local building going on, those properties are still relatively untouched.

There is also available hard evidence stored locally–in an official capacity as well as storage units rented by a local pervert. We’ve been talking about that for years as well. Also to no avail.

So, to the extent that this may incite more backlash than progress (again), I’m just going to write this directly to some folks I know for a fact are responsible for harming, or abetting the harm of children. Mine and others.

Maybe, just maybe… God willing… Since all this stuff is talked about worldwide now… Just maybe someone will finally do something to stop these atrocious bastards. It’s too late to rescue my kids, but I know what seeing justice done will do for their ravaged souls. Too, God knows these perverts do not stop until they are forced to do so. So, someone step up and help stop them.


Because there seem to be idiots everywhere, ready to attack, I must first say that this is not merely a rant to spew out blame on a list of people. Not at all. Although there is, in fact, much blame to be given, my hope here is to open at least a few more eyes–with particular focus on the local level. God-willing, my words here will enable at least some to understand the many opportunities when any of these people could have done something (such as their damn jobs) to prevent the utterly grotesque suffering my children and I (and others) were forced to endure for many years. In gaining such understanding, my hope is that even the common person will be enabled to see clearly how this system operates. Better than that, I hope to help you see that it is, in fact, pure evil that compels and guides it all.

My Awesome Son

Let me share with you what an amazing young man my son has become. Presently, he is 28 years old and after less than six months in his present job, he is now assistant manager, being trained for manager, of an auto repair shop! He is one of the sweetest, most insightful young men I know. He takes top award for learning from his mistakes and making the necessary changes while he keeps pressing forward–no matter what comes against him. To watch his faith grow has been a blessing as well! It’s sweet music to this tired mother’s ears hearing him pray, or even just say the name Jesus 🙂 His beautiful fiancé is a perfect match for him, too!

Watching him struggle to get where he is, helping him with my God-given best, hasn’t always been so pretty–but it is all part of what makes him so amazing. What he has had to break through all could have been prevented. What he has had to deal with is unimaginable for most. And where he is now is truly by God’s sweet grace alone.

After the Lord delivered us from his abusive “father”, I did, by God’s grace, my part. I dug into the Word, He lit me with a love and desire for Him that could not be quenched, and grew me. I taught my children the same. My son was two when God delivered us from that monster. My only focus was to serve the Lord, teach my children and protect them. When my ex took off with them about a couple years later…well, I suppose I can start there.

Why didn’t you?

Everyone I know would tell me that if anyone hurt their child, they’d kill ’em. Although I am not soliciting for a hitman, I still, even after all these years, cannot help but wonder why no one was compelled with such vigor for my kids. At least enough to do their damn jobs.

How about you, Michael Felts and Sherry Postelwaite (Woodford County Kentucky family services, 1995)? Why is it after seeing the bruises and cuts on me in the University of Kentucky Hospital the day after giving birth to my youngest, did you not call the police? Why did you not have the perp arrested, especially after interviewing the nurse who shared the record of my baby being born “blue” due to almost suffocating inside of me? I told you he beat me then refused to get me to the hospital for several days, in spite of my water leaking. Why didn’t you act to help me protect my children? Rather, you sat in my house a week later and chastised me, saying, “Well, maybe he wouldn’t get so angry if you’d help pay the bills.” Even so, Mr. Chauvinist (M. Felts), how about when he confessed that he did molest my kids? Why did you not have him arrested then? Instead, you signed us up for all your “programs” and left. Do you even care how bad he beat all of us after you left that night? I have those records, by the way, where you wrote what he confessed to doing to my kids.

But, praise God, the Lord strengthened me so that He could deliver us out of that mess. And I never turned back, though this did not end there. I recall the time I stood before a judge in Woodford County, KY all battered and bruised. He handed down a protection order and appeared aggravated when I asked him if Manuel would be arrested for assault. He simply told me to leave his courtroom. A few months later, I moved with my children back home to Ohio.

I never got a direct answer to that question (even though that was not the last time I’d be in court in that condition), but over the years I figured it out. They make lots more money deferring to social services. It’s the proverbial machine that enables violence and sexual abuse of children to continue. This machine also is used to retaliate against people like me who work to expose such atrocities. The machine is perfectly designed as well to enable and protect the trafficking and horrid abuses of precious children.

So, Stow PD, when Manuel and Amanda Ramos (then Mullins) stole my kids and left the state (with the help of my sister, Annette Vitarella), why would you not help me find them? You took a report from my sister, who lied and said I abandoned them, and never tried to contact me. Yet, when I called you, your response was, “Well, he is their dad.” in spite of the fact that I showed you the court order that blocked him from contact with my kids. Why would you not do your damn jobs to help protect innocent children from a documented violent man?

Again, by God’s grace alone, my children were delivered from the monster’s clutches. There is where my real growth in Christ truly began, as He opened my eyes to things no one, especially a child, should ever experience. On the advice of the local prosecutor, I called Summit County (Ohio) Children Services (CSB) to interview my kids and took them to our pediatrician. Each time the social worker met with us, he claimed my kids would not tell him anything–with me present or not. Years later, I obtained those records. Not only did my kids tell him, so did their counselors and pediatrician (12/1997-10/1998).

So, Randy Flick (then social worker, CSB), why would you hide the fact that my son (then 4 1/2 yrs) told you about being forced to watch his “dad” molest his sisters? Or how they had to “watch dirty movies” with Manuel and Amanda while in Kentucky? …and more. Why did you hide these things and allow a couple of child molesters to go free? Allowing them to continue to harass my children and me, using your agency to do so.

And you, Barbar Lorentz (then pediatric nurse, Falls Family Practice). Why did you advise me that you were not going to report your findings after examining my children? You told me you were not going to write in their records the facts that my (then) eight year old was unusually early having her period and you “could see evidence of abuse” on all three of my kids. You assured me (an extremely naive, young single mother) that it was “best” for us if CSB was not involved. I get that, but what about the police? Molestation is a crime, not a cause for social workers. Why did you mislead me and help cover up the abuse of my kids?

Or how about you, Susan Tucker (then co-owner of Family Visitation and Mediation Services)? You listened to all three of my children on multiple occasions tell the horrors of being in KY with those two and others. You, a Summit County Sheriff deputy and another CSB social worker Patti Lott, listened to them talk about being “given pills at night.” And my oldest (then 8) daughter telling you about people coming into her room and the next morning she had blood in her panties. (Directly from CSB records.) They told you about the bonfires, being forced to stab their puppy to death, all the people in robes and masks…. We showed you the pictures they drew. They told you. And you knew it was in Garrard County, KYnot Versailles. Not Woodford County. So, why do your records state you contacted Versailles? And, Mrs. Tucker, why did you forge my signature on medical releases and obtain my very personal medical records? What did it benefit you to get copies of my gynecologic visit? Why, after watching my son tear up a black paper mask he made in counseling–why did you forge another mask for your records? I have your records and among the lies, your mask does not match the detailed description by the counselor of the real mask. Why would you lie like that? Why would you help hide the ritual abuse and trauma of children? How much money did you make with that visitation center (a farce)? Profiting from further traumatizing children.

Why would you help to cover up the pain my children shared with you and those other bastards you called in? I taught my children to to trust people like you. Shame on me.

And Pamela Cibik (Akron Child Guidance), why on earth would you chastise my (then) 9 year old girl for not wanting to see her “father”? Especially after what she shared with you about him? Why would you stress a child and force her abuser on her? Why would you insist that she “must accept her new baby sister” and spend time with those she told you had molested her and her siblings? Why did you not make a police report and help me protect my children?

The then Cuyahoga Falls municipal prosecutor Dwayne Jones (now magistrate) and I had a several interactions over those years due to my ex’s domestic violence and stalking. In 1999 during one of those chats I named some people my children identified from incidents in KY. Jones closed the door to his office (which he never did before). He then babbled a bit about “how things are”, and suggested I join the Cuyahoga Falls Police Reserves saying, You’re going to need the protection.” He never explained that. Although he did admit that he knew things about the people I named and stuff they do. Later, in 2004, he listened to my daughter detail the horrific events in Michigan, Kentucky and Ohio, wrought over the years by Manuel and Amanda Ramos, Cindy (Mack/Foster) and Paul Foster, as well as others. Jones assured my daughter and I that he would “see to it” at least Manuel was stopped and her brother and sister returned to safety. Vain promises. Hot air. I ran into him a couple months later in a store parking lot and he nervously tried to get me (again) to “understand how things are done.” My response? When someone makes a criminal complaint, you go question the alleged perps and investigate.

When someone makes a criminal complaint, you go question the alleged perps and investigate. THAT is how things are supposed to be done.

There were some great folks along the way that, to the best of their abilities within the intentional constraints of this machine, did make proper reports. Mainly, our counselors. After being passed off from agency to agency, in two states (OH, KY), their complaints landed on the desk of the then Summit County Prosecutor, Michael Callahan. I recall clearly sitting in our counselor’s office while he was on the phone with this prosecutor in 2000. Even after giving his professional observations as to the credibility of my children, their suffering PTSD as a result of the abuses and trauma…. Even after quoting my children about the sexual abuse and witnessing the murders of two other children, the “movies” and “pictures” that were made while in KY…. Prosecutor Callahan literally blew him off. He wanted “nothing to do with that business.” I’m not going to ask you why, Callahan, because after interviewing some of your victims years later–I very much understand why you would help out a fellow perv. [Additional info: Summit County Cover-Up]

Our present prosecutor is no different, except she’s female [Summit County Gone Wild]. But I’ll cover that in another place. My point here is to expose the MANY times people who are paid our tax dollars to help protect children and bring justice against perpetrators had plenty, lawful opportunities to help my kids. But, because they refused to do their damn jobs, this bs did not end there.

Let me jump to Magistrate Janice Gui, Summit County Domestic Relations Court. After years of battling to protect my children and at least two contempt charges, on a beautiful May day in 2001 my attorney, Mark Buie, and I presented quite a case. Both counselors testified that they had validated beliefs that my three children did, in fact, witness all the terrors they said they witnessed in Kentucky in 1997. They testified their validated, professional opinions that my three children were all molested and otherwise abused during, included ritual abuse, that three weeks in KY as well (by Manuel and others). Manuel himself admitted–AGAIN–to molesting my son. Under oath, on the stand. And, Magistrate Gui, you interviewed all three of my children privately. Why in creation did you not defer to the prosecutor? Was it because you knew then how corrupt that office was (is)? Still, you could have gone to the State Attorney. It was, in fact, an interstate case. So, why did you simply affirm my custody and merely restrict Manuel to “mail contact only”?

What is so wrong with doing your damn job???

Was it because you understood that the prosecutor’s office works in consort with the county executive, clerk of courts, sheriff and key people inside many of the agencies and county council to keep the drug and child trafficking and prostitution rings running? Is that why? It took me years to figure these things out, but especially now after the fiasco of the last election, I am certain of it. 20 years, one prosecutor maintains her office? No way it’s legit. Especially her.

Anyway… At least at that point (May 2001) we could breath without having to force my kids, by court order, to “visit” with the very monsters on whom they told for so long. We had moved to Michigan with my (then) new husband and finally began to simply enjoy life and get on to healing. God did such a wonder in my kids throughout–and in spite of–all that pressure and trauma. We actually were doing quite well. Aside from some run-ins with stalkers sent by Cindy, we were enjoying our new home and pets.

A few months later, my son and my youngest daughter brought to me a huge bag of change, plopped it on the counter and proceed to ask me things I did not want to think about anymore. They explained to me that they had been saving any money they could in “hopes that Kentucky found those other children.” They were so earnest when they said, “We want to make sure those kids are buried proper.”

Truly, I did not want to open that door again, but how do you say no to that? So, I sent a short letter to Kentucky State Police (KSP), inquiring on the investigation. The investigation we were led to believe was passed along from Susan Tucker’s office and CSB (Ohio, 1998). [It wasn’t until another year later I found the records that stated they contacted the wrong KY county and did not bother to contact the KSP. If, in fact, they actually contacted anyone.] For background on that, please see Angelique James, My child I never knew.

So, Detective Monte Owens (then KSP Post 7) why did you promise my, as you said, “brave” son you would “do whatever it takes” to protect him and his sisters (Feb. 2002), yet ditch them and bury the case? You buried the case so deep, even a FOIA request gained nothing. Even after so many years, when that FBI agent called you (Nov. 2016), you stuck to the same lame lies. (Yes, folks, there are a couple good FBI.) You and Lt. Mark Merriman told me you “found evidence” right where my son led you and the other detectives. You guys even told me about “the other, fresh body” you found. You told me these things shortly after my son and I left to head home, after spending two days with you all. While my son and I were down there, I heard your deputy tell you his conversation with the owners of the property–how Cindy was still (in 2002) listed as leasing the property, yet sub-letting it to the guy we found living there (James Clemmons). Clemmons even stated he was “taking care of a friend’s horses.” (Cindy always had horses.) He even mentioned that his “friend had to move to Florida.” (Cindy moved to FL shortly before this.) That connects him with one of the alleged perps, yet you buried those leads. Sat on the bodies and made it appear that the “fresh” body was discovered months later in October. I went down there again and drove by the farm. If it was an active crime scene in October, why was nothing blocked off? Why was a little boy playing ball out front? Why? Why did you lie?

Why would you lie to my son, hide evidence of the kidnap, murder, sexual abuse and trafficking of children? All to the further demise of my children? Were you afraid of something, or do you participate in that evil? I know I pissed you off at least few times, but I should not have had to push so hard to get you guys to do your damned jobs. I mean, I told you they came after me in Michigan and had my kids taken. I told you that two of the perps my son named to you were having unlimited contact with them. I told you that the woman my son described to you and the other two detectives matched exactly the bitch appointed GAL to my kids in MI. I told you MI was questioning my kids only about the Kentucky stuff. In other words, your case.

Folks, I know all that sounds nutz, but as we have seen lately, truth is usually stranger than fiction.

So, Det. Owens, why did you stop doing your job in seeking justice for my kids, and the “all the other kids kept in the second house” my son told you about? Lt. Merriman, why did you threaten me (March 2003)? You said, “I have all the time in the world to complete my murder investigation. (…) And I can close it any time I want, bury it. I can do whatever I want with my murder investigation.” Why would you do that? I know I was a stiff pain in your ass, but c’mon! We were talking about the kidnapping and ritual murder of CHILDREN! And, okay, I ended up being wrong about the identity of the little girl, but we did not know that then. You did say you were “trying to put names to faces.” At least I tried to ID her. Why didn’t you? And the fact that my children were stolen from me for having told? Then two of my kids were forced into the hands of the very perpetrators–that my son told you about in great detail for two freakin days. And you just buried it all after you found out my kids–witnesses to “your murders”–were taken from me just a few months after being interviewed by your detectives.

How do you guys sleep at night? …probably upside down.

Let me pause here a moment to refresh you (readers) in the fact that every stinking one of these people had the authority, the hard evidence and compliant witnesses to arrest the perps and bring justice (as they are paid to do), thus prevent further suffering of my (and other) children. God only knows by then how many other children would have been saved as well. So, why didn’t they? Because, as I was told many times, “that’s not how we do things.”

And how about you, Dr. Elizabeth Secord (allergist, Detroit Children’s Hospital, MI 2002-03)? The lies you told and wrote. Social worker Susan Holloway (MI Child and Family Services), I figured out who you were…why you disappeared so quickly after talking with my kids and me, then lying to the court. I also figured out that it is common practice for child services social workers to lie and present false evidence to courts fairly regularly. By the way, Dr. Secord, how did you know I had two other children? You had only my youngest in your office and “very little” info. Why, when we were sent there for a simple blood test, why did you start questioning me about the sexual abuse of kids–literally out of the blue? I wish I could find the nice nurse that told me her observations, that “80% of children seen here (Detroit Children’s Hospital) do not go home. They go to foster (placement).”

The then Assistant Prosecutor for Oakland County, MI, Robert Zivian? I expected you to be an ass, but to move forward with false allegations? On top of that, the freaking most ridiculous, albeit creative, fabrication of any I have heard! I recall clearly the first day of the trial you explained to me about your “wonderfully woven cloth”, referring to your case. You said “it has so many threads” and that I may be able to “pull a one or two, but not unravel the cloth.” I also remember the look on your face when your analogy made me giggle. What a fool you were, with your imaginary cloth! But, I cannot help but wonder… What was your motivation? Did you just really suck that bad at being a prosecutor? Are you an undercover perv working to help your colleagues? What is it that would cause you to, essentially, litigate a Criminal case belonging to another state’s jurisdiction in Family Court, yet turn the facts upside down? What benefit did you gain traumatizing my children repeatedly and forcing them into the hands of two child abusers?

Interesting that, in December 1997, Cindy Foster “promised” me that she would “see to it” that my “kids would be taken and (I) would be blamed for all (they) did”, if we did not keep quiet. Funny. That’s pretty much how it worked out. How did she know?

Then we have Catholic Charities/Social Services henchmen to provide the “services” (gestapo) for foster placement and “supervised visits.” Among the many things during those visits (which I still have the videos) and all the lies (which I have the records), I just want Melissa and her bosses to know I have the documents she tore up and tossed in the trash just before walking into the courtroom to testify.

Again folks, this is not an exhaustive expose’.

And Mr. Daniel Bagdade (2nd GAL brought in for my oldest daughter), remember our phone conversation when I urged you to speak up? You shared with me your “strong concern about McKelvy getting so close…spending so much time with the Ramos’ and (my) kids.” You told me you knew the case was all a farce to help Manuel and Amanda get my kids. You said it “did not surprise” you when I told you that my son recognized Deborah McKelvy from his time in Kentucky. You said it also did not surprise you that McKelvy just happened to run into my attorney during Christmas break–in New Jersey. And how her side-kick, whats-her-name Stulberg (court-ordered psychologist quack), and I butted heads when she was trying to instruct my children about masturbation. You expressed to me how it angered you that it caused me more trouble when I brought it up in court. Well, sir, if all that was true, why did you not speak up? Why did you tell me, “Oh, oh. I…I just can’t. I cannot do that, Lynnette. You don’t know how things are.” I cried to you that these are my children and they are subjecting them to further abuses! Still, it was only your own ass you cared about.

“I cannot do that, Lynnette. You don’t know how things are.”

Daniel Bagdade, AAL 2004

Being that Sgt. Clay Janssen (Oakland County MI Sheriff), Dr. Secord, Dr. Anna Marie Church, Dr. Patricia Siegel, were all hand-picked for the then Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s Task Force on Children’s Justice (the irony then and now is overwhelming), I really have no questions for you. I suppose one could say I asked them all during the trial (2003). You lied then. Why would now be any different? Your histories of fabricating and lying your asses off are well-documented. I was prepared for all that. Actually, one question… Janssen (you do not deserve to be addressed “Sgt.”), why did you have to beat up my (then) 13 year old girl in the process of stealing my kids? I had photos of the marks you left on her. I also can see where the video of your testimony was edited to delete your perjury when I questioned you about the incident. When I can find someone that gives a damn, I’ll make sure I point that out. What’s almost funny is that even the state rep, senator and AG’s office buried my complaints when I told them your name. I was on the phone with them almost daily for a while. It took me a few weeks to figure out they didn’t care that their head sheriff publicly beats up preteens who are handcuffed. Why were you so well protected?

Seriously, how do you evil bastards live with yourselves?

As an aside, I must say that “bastard” simply means a “fatherless child.” Capitalize the “F” in “fatherless” and the term is quite fitting.

“And even as they refused to have God (The Father) in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not fitting.”

Romans 1:28, parenthetical addition mine

But you, Judge Joan Young (head of Oakland County 6th Circuit/Family Court), I get it. You got put on that bench to save you from the fiasco in Wayne County, when you tried to have your husband killed. I get that part–there are some hoops you had to swing for the favor. But, what about when the foster person spoke up about my youngest daughter having some of the very same complications that I was accused of “making up”? Months after your cronies stole my kids. Why did you dismiss my motion to tank the case and give my kids back? Instead, you ordered the foster person to take her to the doctor. Ha! The irony. Or worse, when the foster agency brought forth doctor’s reports that–after being subjected to Manuel and Amanda all weekend–my little girl had burns on her arm (I have photos) and “blood on the tissue when she wiped.” I have those reports. Seriously? Having similar reports on the Ramos’ from the past, and you just passed it off??? Instead of doing right by my children and helping me protect them, you threatened me, saying, “If you continue to complain…you will not see your kids.” Frankly, woman, you are simply just plain evil.

And you all made sure to move my youngest two on my birthday that year. That was no coincidence. You, Ms. Young, ordered this, in spite of the doctor’s reports stating my son, then 10 years old, had “high blood pressure” and was overweight. Being forced into the claws of the very monsters on whom he told would escalate the blood pressure at least a bit, don’t you think? You people took three, very close, vibrantly healthy, joyful children who loved the Lord Jesus, and you made every effort to destroy them.

…but, you did not win.

By the way, Ms. Young (you do not honor the title of Judge). You never responded to the letter my oldest daughter wrote to you after you sent her brother and sister to Manuel and Amanda’s (in Ohio). Did you ever…do you ever consider the effects of your malfeasance? She ended the letter with “…you stole my heart and soul”, referring to her little brother and sister, from whom she had never been separated since birth. You stole her heart and soul, and gave them to their worst nightmare. You did this, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

“…you stole my heart and soul”

Nina to Judge Joan Young 6th Circuit Court, Oakland County MI, 2003

Dear readers, God bless you if you have stuck with me this far. No, the saga is not over. However, I will take a pause here to point out a striking fact: All of these people, and those in similar positions, simply refrained from doing their jobs. If any were more involved, I have no hard evidence of that. But all seemed to understand that this system is *not* for the protection of children or being the arm of justice, as we are led to believe. Granted, some, such as the “Governor’s Task Force”, Catholic Charities, other social services agencies, go far beyond that to target, fabricate, commit perjury, etc. But mostly it’s a bunch of self-centered, wicked bastards refraining from actual, lawful actions. Actions that are their duties, nonetheless. Other than the original perps (as named by my kids) and Callahan, Mckelvy and Stulberg, I do not know who was more directly involved in the harm of children. Yet, with even just this much, one must pause and ask what on earth would compel anyone in a position of authority to assist another in the ritual, sexual and other abuses of precious children. What would cause someone to act against the person trying to protect the children, and put the children in further harm? What? What would compel them to even “just” look the other way?

What most overlook is the fact that the fundamental structure of the system is purposefully designed to work this way. Let’s not forget, HRC played a key role in the design of this machine.

Gosh… Are you exhausted yet? Lord knows, this is quite a long read. You’ll be relieved to know I am almost finished. Well, at least for this post. God bless you for holding on here with me and I pray your eyes are opened to the corrupt system we have and the fact that it is corrupt by design. I also pray you are in some way blessed–even if it’s “just” to know that God always wins. Read on and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Nina (my oldest daughter) wrote another letter of sorts. In 2005 she wrote a lengthy statement at your request, Jeralyn Mercer Goldberg, attorney appointed GAL in Mahoning County, Ohio. Nina detailed her concerns about her little brother and sister being in the custody of her “dad” and Amanda. She poured it out, pleading with you and the court to help protect her helpless siblings, stating, “…he (Manuel) molested me on many occasions.” You also interviewed a nurse at the school my kids attended in North Jackson (OH). She told you about the bruises and cuts on my children, indicative of abuse. Yet, you sat your fat ass on the stand and testified in favor of the Ramos’ getting custody. You HELPED them abuse and traumatize my children for years to come. Was your motivation the fact that shortly after the custody order was handed out, you finally got appointed as a magistrate in Juvenile Court (Mahoning County)? You knowingly cashed in on the physical, psychological and sexual abuse of my children, for a career move. You are an absolutely disgusting, repulsive excuse for a human being.

And my own attorney, Diane Chermely, WTH? Why did you not impeach their witnesses the multiple times I had the proof right there at our table to show they were lying and presenting false evidence? How dare you tell me, “That’s not how things are done here.” Was it because the head judges of juvenile and domestic courts (Theresa Dellick, Beth Smith, respectively) were the co-founders of the Hope House Visitation Center? Oops. I forgot that it’s “Inc.” for incorporated. A big money-making operation.

Did you folks (readers) catch that? The very head judges, whose orders force parents to the “visitation center”, and must pay for those “services”, are the co-founders of that money-making operation. Not to mention all your tax dollars doled out to these places. Looks like Judges are double-dipping? Just sayin…

So, Mahoning County, is that why your clerk’s office made sure I did not get the notice of the next hearing? Your systems had my correct address, yet you sent the notice to Michigan, even after I was 3 years in your Ohio court. The same corrupt clerk’s office that repeatedly denied me lawful access to my files, so I could draft my appeal. Were you acting on Dellick’s orders? Or did you know Cindy Foster personally? She is rather scary. Was that it?

Corrupt judges in elected offices, making orders (they and their appointed magistrates) that will fill up the “visitation” operations they founded, discovered that I exposed these facts. Suddenly, I was not allowed to see my kids again. Suddenly, I get pulled over near my hometown and receive a citation for driving under suspension. A suspension that I never received notice of. It took me another 3 years (on foot) and a few thousand dollars to work that out.

Does anyone see how easy it is for these people to fix things? Is there any more room to question the facts that elections have been rigged for many more years than we are currently aware? Mahoning County ought to have an election audit, as well as Summit County. Ohio did certify for Trump, but that is not the point. Local elections rigged to keep people in key positions so these corrupt bastards can continue to profit from their positions, and assist in the abuse of children, is just as abominable as what we see exposed at the national level.

Audit Summit and Mahoning Counties in Ohio!

In the end

Although this is not really the end of this saga, I am going to stop here for now. Feel free to share this far and wide. Just please do so in context and do not alter it in any way. [Note that under my business registered tradename, Uncommon Knowledge, all of what I produce is copyrighted.] Let me know below if you’d like me to finish this in a “part 2.”

All this and more ought to make every one of you stop and rethink what you thought you knew. And I do very much encourage you to check out everything I say. Dig for yourselves and follow the evidence to their logical conclusions. No room for parrots and robots here. We stand as Patriots! Free-thinkers with the God-given ability to reason out idiocy!

God-willing, you shall come to the point where you, too, can stand and scream out “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” And demand the entire system be dismantled. Demand the treasonous bastards, child molesters/traffickers, and all the other corrupt will be arrested. Then we can, in a court of integrity, show them all…

How it’s truly supposed to be done 😉

In the end, they did not win. At least not with my son. He came home several years ago and, slowly but certainly, has taken the Lord Jesus’ hand. Stood up to the lies. He has been refreshed in the Truth and facts. By God’s tender grace, he has dealt with and conquered the abuse–from all of you. My son still Loves like Jesus Christ, our Lord. None of you could beat that out of him.

A fine example of the fact that God always wins! Let that be a warning to the wicked and a comfort for the Warriors.

“I Myself have commanded My consecrated ones, and have summoned My mighty men to execute My anger, My proudly exulting ones. The Lord of Hosts is mustering a host for battle.”

Isaiah 13:3, 4c

Lastly, for now… I just need to express a few more things so that those who may come across this post (and actually read it) will take heed. If such people do, in fact, read this then each will know exactly what I mean by what I am about to say… Or, I suppose write 😉

First, know that I will not everleave the past in the past“, so long as I have the God-given breath in my lungs and these atrociously wicked people (named here and more) continue to go free. Oh, and I know about they places you guys had in Tennessee. I visited and took photos. Why do you coward away and never once approached me face to face? If I am wrong, tell me to my face–but be prepared to back it up with proof, because I have proof.

…and don’t forget, I know where the bodies are likely buried.

Goodnight fellow Patriots and crime-fighters. I hope this was not too grueling for you to get through. And, again, please let me know below if you’d like a “part 2.” If no one is reading this, no point in wasting more time!

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