Noah was a Nutcase

So much is changing so fast in our world today. It all seems to be escalating to the point of no return. Too many times to count over the past several months, I sat here to toss a few words of hope, to expose, to encourage…. By the time I get even a basic outline, situations change with the blustering wind of issues being tossed at us daily. This time, though, I won’t bother with an outline. This time, you’ll see, I’m simply going to toss it out there. Hopefully, I can reach more folks than I have in face to face chats. My aim is to get the word out in hopes of empowering, encouraging others in truth–no matter the side effects of opening our mouths about such things. Too often folks blow me off as some crazy chic with a ring in her nose, only to find out later there was something to the “craziness” I was spewing. The Biblical story of Noah gives me great comfort in these times. By all accounts, Noah was a nutcase in his day, too. So, put on your party hats, pop the popcorn and let’s get “crazy” together. Let’s make this a victorious show to remember.

Set the stage

No matter what persuasion you follow, you will find documented accounts surrounding the history of the flood in many cultures all over the world. So, please do not argue that with me here. Rather, take a trip down this rabbit hole with me for a bit. Let us together explore what it must have been like for Noah, an otherwise sane and righteous man, to spread God’s message in such a dark world, in hopes to save many.

Up and until the Flood, there was no rain. So, for a man to be telling people that God will flood the world, killing all living things with water falling from the sky, would have been absolutely absurd. But that’s not all that came out of Noah’s mouth. He preached repentance against the wickedness of that day. The earth and all that was in it became so corrupted, perverted from what God intended, that life would have been unbearable for those who were not in control. Sound familiar? We have all heard of the atrocities and the extent of child trafficking nowadays. The information is out there. Presently trafficked for everything from slave labor, to sex toys, to even sacrifice. Can you imagine what it was like back then? In addition, we have all sorts of fabricated issues intended only to create division among us, get us fighting, oppress and control us and, ultimately, pervert all that God created.

And our governments of this world devise, perpetrate, perpetuate and profit from these atrocities, and more.

“Our” (US) government has been lying to and stealing from us since at least the 1800’s, and most seem to not even bat an eye. Rather, too many people would read the statements I made above and attack me for being “hateful” and “slanderous”. Even “racist”. So, on top of all the lying, stealing, murdering and maiming those in control do, they get the masses to turn on and attack anyone that speaks against or tries to expose the wickedness. It was prevalent in Noah’s day and we can see this to be true nowadays.

I know this to be true by experience.

I’m a Lunatic, too

Over the past few decades…gosh. Since I was a teen I’ve had a mouth that most folks would rather avoid, others tried to shut. Not much has changed in that aspect 😉 I’ve always been of the mind that where ever evil lurks, those that see it have a duty to warn others. Why else would God show you? That concept just made sense to me. Still, every time I brought something to light–in hopes to make others aware so that it would not happen to them, and in hopes to see justice, in hopes that those in “authority” would be held accountable–more often than not I was the target for unwarranted attacks. Still, I simply could not keep quiet about shit–especially when it involved the harm of children. As you may have guessed by now, I have spent most of my life alone as a result. Friends, family, churches. They all turned against me, cut me out in some form.

This is not a pity ploy. Not at all. It’s just the facts. My only intention for sharing here is to make clear the facts and that these facts are coming from someone who experienced everything I’m talking about. Everything that is being exposed today. I’ve experienced it, including being labeled a lunatic. Well, actually, their official term for me was “delusional”. And two quacks…excuse me, “doctors” testified to that. Just like Noah, I spoke out against the wickedness–even to the faces of the wicked. Just like Noah, I spoke truth and let folks know that the Lord our God would not allow it to continue. Just like Noah, I tried to wake people up to the truth in hopes that they would repent and be saved–saved in the Salvation of Jesus Christ. In hopes that others would be empowered, be saved from being used, abused and stolen from.

Later in life, it was the sheer determination to protect my children that propelled me, daily, to fight. After all abandoned us and two of my young children were forced into the custody of the very monsters on whom they had told…. Well, you can imagine. The fight in me nearly imploded. Knowing fully that two of my precious children were being horribly abused daily and no one–NO ONE–gave a damn, drove me nearly insane. But for the grace of God, I should be dead or in prison.

The only things that finally did close my mouth a bit, for a while, was the utter heart-wrenching frustration of watching folks blow me off, only to step right into similar shit. Watching folks suffer their own choices is the most helpless and infuriating feeling. When they had the information, the help and resources to prevent it presented to them…. Well, I don’t think there is a word invented yet for how that feels. Thank God I don’t run on feelings 😉 Add to this years of my girls shutting me out, I began to fizzle bit by bit.

So, in all that I can say that even I almost went entirely quiet for a few.

But here I go again…

Over time, by God’s grace, I have developed skills that (I have come to realize) aren’t plentiful. Since a child, I have always been an extremely curious person. When I was in grade school I discovered the wonders of Sherlock Holmes and determined then that I would become a detective. It was just so much fun! Instead, in my teens I grew passionate about just being a mom. Little did I know then that sharp detective skills were needed in being a mother.

The point there is that since I can recall, I love digging into things. Thanks to God and my oldest brother, Joe, I have learned a sense of logic that it took me decades to understand is not so common. God grew my senses and taught me to arm myself. God gave me an older brother who taught me how to think for myself. Ever since I was little, I followed him around every chance I got, asking questions constantly. Most of the time he would not answer my questions directly. Rather, he helped me figure things out and find answers. As I grew, I understood that the search necessarily includes checking sources.

All this to say that my entire life I dug into things–including sorting out valid sources from propaganda. Well, obviously, I mean since I could read.

Alongside that, I encourage any and all to check me out. If you’re up for the research and you can tell black from white, do the research! If you do not want to, or for some reason cannot, or otherwise refuse to do the digging, don’t waste your time arguing with me. You will not win.

As you check me out, consider the fact that for almost 30 years I was repeatedly attacked, had everything stolen from me (including my children), for speaking out against wrong-doers on many levels. I cannot count how many times I had to rebuild my life. Ask yourself this: If there was nothing to what I exposed, why work so hard and spend so much money and time to shut me up? I’m nobody special. I’m just a mom. So, why for so long have I been such a threat? The funny part is that this all started just because I asked a few seemingly innocent, logical questions. It took a long time for me to realize that it was because they could not shut me up that made things worse in my life.


We got those things straight? Good. Please keep reading….

The Short Version

In the coming days and weeks I will begin to illustrate with detailed examples of what I am about to share here. For time’s sake at this moment, I am going to simply toss you some point blank statements of my experiences that relate directly to some things being exposed today.

Ready for some truth?

I know for a fact, based on first-hand observation of witness/victim behaviors, statements and research, that there are groups that steal kids for purposes of the following:

  • Welfare fraud
  • Retaliation, extortion
  • Trafficking, porn and snuff films
  • Rituals, sacrifice, breeding
  • Use of the ready and willing system (child services, “family” court, etc) to assist their devious endeavors

Now, back when I learned these disgusting atrocities I did not believe it myself. I spent at least two years investigating to *disprove* what the evidence was clearly telling. To my horror, I proved my original theory horribly wrong.

And I know for a fact the “system” helps the perverts, will even target those that will not simply submit to their bullshit and/or attempt to expose them. In fact, the so-called “family”/juvenile court system along with their cohorts, known as “child (so-called) protection services” is *designed* for profit, oppression, trafficking, retaliation, et al. And let’s not forget that Hillary Clinton was the main author of the design (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, Adoption and “Safe” Families Act).

The system is intentionally designed for nefarious works.

Every day it seems there are more and more out there that claim similar things. An overwhelming amount of those have provided documented evidence and victim statements. I know how the perverts operate–those within the system and the critters in the field. So, when information comes out in talk shows (etc) about rescuing children who were kept for nefarious purposes, I listen carefully and discern the veracity of their statements.

Bottom line? Believe it.

Still, way too many folks just plain ignore these facts. Still, too many discount that this stuff even goes on in the US. Still others are set, ready and waiting for folks like me to speak out, poised to attack. And you intentionally ignorant people just step over our carcasses like nothing happened, so you can continue in your façade of “normal” life. After all, it’s not your kid. <smh>

Another thing I know for absolute fact is the damaging effects of so-called “vaccines”. Had I not had half a brain when my youngest daughter was an infant, bowing to the medical establishment beast any further would have likely killed her. The garbage we are forced (by coercion, extortion, propaganda, etc) to inject into our beautiful bundles of joy from birth onward is *intended* to damage their God-given systems. The theories on why are irrelevant at this juncture. The point is, I know for a fact what is being said about these shots is true.

“Critically, all four covid vaccine brands currently in widespread use either inject patients with the spike protein or, via mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture spike proteins and release them into their own blood,”

warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

And that’s only my top two, but it’s a good start. Need more? Check out another previous post, Summit County Gone Wild, and get an inside look at how Ohio treats rape victims, to cover and perpetually serve the perverts here.


The purest and bravest souls I’ve ever known. (1995)

In late February 2002, I witnessed the strength of faith of a nine-year young boy as he explained in great detail to seasoned detectives the who, what, where and when of things so horrifying most adults cannot handle. The tenacity of a child–A CHILD–who endured and witnessed the unimaginable is quite humbling. His motivation? To speak out for “all the other kids” who can no longer speak. To stand against the evil perpetrated against children by people kids are taught to trust. His world was wide awake to the realities of this dark world from a very young age.

That child is my son. The children I spoke of in an earlier post, Believe it or Not, are my three, amazingly awesome kids.

Throughout almost 25 years, I have investigated an uncountable number of cases, as well as interviewed many others (victims and perpetrators), that support the facts.

In the face of danger, a child did not stay silent.

What’s your problem?

Noah was a nutcase in his day, but the opposition did not shut him up. Almost my entire life there have been folks attacking and taking from me–attempting to destroy me–but, by God’s grace, I did not stay silent. For most of my son’s life, he has not backed down. And he was a child.

Stop living the lies. Wake up to the reality. Stand up to these evils. Speak out the truth, especially where children are concerned. Share truth with everyone and anyone, all the time. Nothing else–even being labeled nuts–matters. Nothing. Until we stand together against these evils unto their destruction, life as we thought we knew it will continue to be blown away, stolen from us…daily. You may feel safe today, but believe me, such rottenness can only grow, consuming everything around until there is nothing good left.

Unless, that is, we bring against it the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. And we all know, even today people call Him crazy!

Once you do decide to wake up, be mindful of the fact that there are more of us then there are of them, and the Lord our God is on our side 😉



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