Summit County Gone Wild

For several weeks now I have been straining to write an article that will encourage fellow citizens to step up and do their part to facilitate the cleaning out of the Summit County (OH) Swamp. We have several lovely folks running against a few swamp creatures in these parts. So, I could just tout their credentials over their opponents’. I could. But I do not believe that would suffice in providing a deep understanding of how truly critical it is to vote out the swamp creatures by voting for the fresh, new and principled candidates we so desperately need here in Summit County. It’s not just the Presidency, House and Senate that is at stake here. It is a prime opportunity to make huge changes that can be used to finally clean up our towns. The truth of these matters is Summit County has gone wild and has been for decades. Hopefully you will see that the present Prosecutor, in particular, is not much different that the corrupt idiot she replaced many years ago.

Swamp Ooze

It was the fall of 2006 and idiots were out in full steam. I say this because of the imbeciles that made lewd, perverted comments publicly on the Akron Beacon Journal’s website in response to articles written about the Girls Gone Wild incident at Mango’s, a local bar. No, they were not being lewd against the bar owners or managers, that set up the pervert show. They were not even bashing the camera guy that raped a young lady (17 yr old) on the GGW bus. No, not any support for her. They were making lewd and perverted comments against the rape victim and her mother, making baseless accusations–though none of them knew us.

That, folks, was my daughter.

Yes, I did say “us”. That rape victim, folks, was my daughter. What was almost worse was the fact that no one–NO ONE–even seemed the least bit concerned that others were adding to the comments; providing more information against the bar owners and managers. A few even wrote about the “boom-boom room” in the basement, where after a young lady is drugged or too drunk to fight, she is taken to be “tried out.”

ALL of that information and more was given to the Prosecutor’s office, headed by Sherri Bevan Walsh. Yes, the same Walsh that wants you to vote, yet again, to keep her in office. Attorney Michael Washington seeks to replace her.

Please understand, folks, it will not be just Walsh that Washington will replace. Rather, he brings with him the integrity, determination and experience to clean up our Summit County Justice System.

A few more things our present prosecutor ignored in this case were the facts that her own Vice officers were “enjoying the show” and noted “many young girls” there. “Some as young as 14…dancing on the bar…drinking…pulling their clothes….” Oh, but according to the Vice officers I spoke with, they were told (by the prosecutor’s office) to “just go and observe.” Observe what, exactly?

Or how about the fact that the her office knew that my daughter had her own apartment and held a full-time job just two blocks away from her office. They had those addresses. YET, when they finally get around to charging at least the Mango’s manager, they serve the subpoena to the victim at my address the day before the hearing. That, folks, is a common strategy used by idiots of the law to get their way in court. Bottom line here is, their star witness did not show up because she did not receive the subpoena in time. That is why the charges against the manager were dismissed. And of course, the ABJ published the false version, stating that she just didn’t show.

Interesting side note is that the attorney for Mango’s defense was Mike Callahan (former prosecutor, former judge). He seems to always pop up where perversity needs covered up.

The swamp began to ooze and risk exposure because it dared abuse my daughter. Even though nothing may ever be done to serve justice for her sake, I have determinedly sought to expose the swamp creatures at every opportunity. Thus far, I have seen some success. Little, but getting there.

These creatures need replaced with integral professionals that seek to uphold the Constitution, stand for Justice and operate under transparency, for the sake of their citizens and the betterment of our communities.

Let it be known that this is one of MANY cases I personally know.

How Dare You?

I saved this part for its own section because it deserves the spotlight. Walsh’s prosecutor’s office boasts in how they care for victims of crime. Although I do commend that they have incorporated the use of a K9 to assist victims, the whole idea of this boast churns my stomach. There are too many victims that I have personally heard go on about how they were treated by her office to list here. So, I will tell you from first hand experience.

When my 17 year old daughter was finally able to get the prosecutor’s office to interview her, to say I was entirely appalled at how she was treated is an understatement. In short, two snippy little bitches that looked like they just graduated (or were thrown out of) high school sat across from us at the table. A table that was in a room that afforded no privacy. Long out of high school myself, just looking at them took me back to the days when you could tell by their looks and how they oozed with attitude what was coming next. Still, not even I was prepared. They flat out told my daughter, “Before we go on about what you said happened to you,” emphasis hers, “we need to let you know we will not be pursuing that.” My beautiful, frightened daughter looked at me confused and teary-eyed while the bitch went on. “We are only concerned about getting Moss.” (The pervert that helped set up my daughter.) “We have been trying to get him, violate his parole, for a long time. We are going to use this case to do just that, so we can put him away.”

It was then explained to us that Moss was supposedly some “big time” scam goon that went up and down the east coast, scamming the elderly and whatnot. When I asked these wet-nose brats about getting him on setting up my daughter, and attempting to kidnap her by forging my signature on a guardianship and buying tickets to Miami, they literally rolled their eyes. I’m not kidding! In unison even! They did take my daughter for a short time in a private room for her to “tell her side” and she was a mess when they were done. Just before we were to leave, they made sure to reiterate, “Just to be sure, you know we have no intention of pursuing the alleged rape.”

They not only had not one ounce of concern for her–the victim–but they flat out told her they were “not going to do anything about what (she) said happened to (her).” They claimed, “There is no way to prove what did or did not happen in that bus. It’s your word against his.” and all sorts of other garbage. No proof? Really? Well, I know you all ‘enjoyed’ the video of the rape by the camera man from the bus. Charles, the new guy for our local FBI, told me all about how “seriously” everyone took that.

Never mind the FACTS. Such as, she was a minor who was coerced and given false and misleading information to lure her to Mango’s in the first place. Never mind that she was served intentionally improperly mixed drinks and drugged, then led to the bus. Never mind that the LAW stated that she did not, in that condition (age plus incapacitated), have the ability to consent. Never mind that she was terrified when she realized where she was (on the bus) and what was going to happen. Never mind that she was not permitted to leave the bus. Never mind that they scooted her off the bus when they were done with her, traumatized and still drugged, to stumble half-naked down the city street by herself. Never mind, because Walsh always has her own agenda.

“Just to be sure, you know we have no intention of pursuing the alleged rape.”

How dare you, Walsh? Those snippy little bitches worked at YOUR behest. Obviously, you trained the little bitches well.

Swamp Things

All that and more, folks, is why the GGW incident never saw justice. The grand jury investigation and charges against Mango’s was just a dog and pony show at the Summit County Circus. It was never meant to go anywhere.

Just a quick recap. Sherri Bevan Walsh’s office of Summit County Prosecutor:

  • Sent her Vice officers to “observe” the GGW show. (I cannot help but wonder who paid their tab. Tax payers?)
  • Ignored multiple reports of “girls as young as 14” dancing on the bar, consuming alcohol, being filmed, etc.
  • Allegations and testimony of “the boom-boom room” were never even looked at, let alone investigated.
  • Victimized the victim and (their words) used her case only to get Moss. In other words, exploited the victim rather than protect her as they should have.
  • Intentionally and knowingly served the subpoena to the victim at the last minute and to the wrong address, so that she would not receive it in time–which is the only reason she did not show at the hearing.

Callahan’s client (Mango’s manager) got the dismissal, with the direct help of the Prosecutor.

I hope you can see how Walsh’s office maneuvered the entire mess to benefit her own agenda. Gosh. Silly me to think for a moment that a liberal who has helped keep hidden the swamp things would take a stand for a victim of rape involving a connected Akron business. Gosh. What was I thinking? She has done just what all those before her have–protect the swamp at all cost and silence/defame any that attempt to expose the perversity.

Ever since Geraldo Rivera chased Bobi Brooks down High St. with his camera crew, everyone who became aware of the filth here has done more to perpetuate it than to expose, destroy and bring Justice against it. Yes, even Geraldo. In fact, many years ago (even before the GGW rape incident) I sent him a letter with lots of proof attached, encouraging him to reopen that investigation. I let him know that he did not go deep enough and that the lives of children–literally–depend on someone like him helping to expose the swamp here. Silence was all I received in return.

Like Geraldo, many have barely touched on, for instance, the corruption that got M. Callahan removed from his bench. The public story was that he was going easy on local prostitutes in exchange for…umm…”favors”. Discounts, maybe? Anyway, that is a little true, but none had the gumption to dig deeper. Talking to many victims over the many years has been an eye-opener. Some of those victims shared with me about how, when they were 14 years young–some as young as 10–they were brought to parties by the a man many know as “Roach”, working in some capacity for Callahan. Some of these girls were the daughters, nieces or family friends of those prostitutes (etc) that Callahan was “going easy on.” All of them also named Dr. Charles Coven (the Cuyahoga Falls doc that was nabbed, briefly, in the child porn bust of 2004-ish) as the “doc” they were taken to when they had issues as a result of the sexual abuse. They all named names quite prominent in and around Summit County. I won’t go on with that here, because the point is SO MANY people knew–and have known for some time–this to be true. Yet all have done not a damn thing to stop it–including our present prosecutor.

Less than a year ago I sent a message to the Prosecutor’s office on Facebook messenger, detailing some of the allegations from a specific witness that is willing to pursue this. I was naively hopeful, for there had been charges brought against an Edward Plotz that had similar elements. Initially, Walsh replied that I could provide details right there in messenger. So, I did. That was on Dec. 21st of 2019 and *not one word* since. Silly me. Once again, I took a leap of insanity and tried to trust her office gave a damn about cleaning up Summit County on behalf of victims. Nope. Rather, she works to help keep the swamp hidden and fully operative.

“I gave up expecting anyone to assist in this quite a while ago.”

She is in good company, I suppose. For we have at least two local pastors and several in ministry that purport to believe the victims, and they personally know Roach–one of them even has a niece that is one of the prostitutes that “serviced Callahan in chambers….” on a regular basis. Still, these have done NOTHING to help the victims and bring justice. Hence, just like Walsh, they help perpetuate the swamp swallowing our children. In spite of the witnesses, victims and hard evidence, nobody seems to really give a damn.

We all have our issues and causes, so I do not expect anyone reading this to jump in to help expose these hideous things. I gave up expecting anyone to assist in this quite a while ago. What I do expect is for folks to step up and VOTE OUT the swamp things that have been lying to you all and covering this up for decades.

It May Seem…

It may seem I got a bit off track, from discussing local political candidates. In reality, folks, this is right on target. I may not personally know Michael B. Washington, but I do support his bid to replace the Summit County Prosecutor. Why? Well, for one, a man I hold in high esteem, Mike Rasor, supports him. I know Mike well and I can say with certainty he is not going to support someone that would be anything like the swamp creature who has dominated (and damn near destroyed) our County’s system for decades. I trust Mike, who is running for Summit County Clerk of Courts. Because of his proven character I can confidently vote for Mr. Washington. On top of that, I do my homework.

Since this post required a deeper plunge into the swamp, I shall cover the other candidates in future rants 😉 I went off here primarily to open some eyes and help you all see clearly how crucial our local elections are here. One person in the right office can do such horrible damage to so many, without even ever seeing them face to face. Think on that before you cast your vote, because replacing even just that one person can make a huge difference for the betterment of our County…our State…our Country.

What I do expect is for folks to step up and VOTE OUT the swamp things that have been lying to you all for decades.


Some may be wondering (even cheering on) any that might come against me for naming names and speaking loudly about these things. And, trust me, I am just getting started. Truly, I do not care. The way I look at it is, if I get shot then I will no longer be forced to endure the smiles and feigned “concern” of folks who by their inaction show they do not care. Furthermore, all of you who may come against me can simply bury my ass along with all the videos, photos and other evidence that I have been trying to get “the good people of Summit County” to bring forward.

And, last but not least… I strained over whether or not to address the GGW malfeasance, primarily because it may draw out those cowardly perverts who spewed falsehoods and lewdness at my daughter and I years ago. But this needed to be brought out. So, I will just say to anyone that has anything to say about my daughter on this, come tell me to my face. For this reason, comments are turned off for this post.

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