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3 pigs“And he huffed, and he puffed, but he could not blow the house down.” The Big Bad Wolf blew away the first two Little Pigs’ houses with ease. Those houses were erected in haste, constructed of straw and sticks with no foundation. The third Little Pig, however, built his house of bricks on a solid foundation.


When the Big Bad Wolf, seething with the hunger for destruction, attempted to blow Pig 3’s house down, not a brick budged. That Pig stood in his fortress with confidence, as if to say, “Not my house!” We Americans can say the same in the face of this chaos: “NOT IN OUR CITY!”

Simple Truth

This simple, child’s story provides great insight into what is presently going on around us, across this Great Nation. Too many, working in haste with materials that do not hold up against the wiles of evil, are getting blown away in too many towns in America. Entire police stations are being burned to the ground or overrun by anarchists–evil-doers–primarily because they have no solid foundation (or forget the foundation upon which they were built) and their “houses” are made of feeble sticks and straw.

Look at what is going on in Seattle today. And this, after the police station in Minneapolis was burned, is just the beginning. Innocent people are being beaten, robbed, even killed, all in the unholy name of power, candy-coated with the political propaganda of “justice” and “equality”.

Now, I am not going to sit here and type a bunch of hype only to parrot what everyone already has seen and heard just to boost my blog. What I am going to do is point out some facts. What I am going to do is encourage fellow citizens to rise up against this planned, plotted usury of our fellow citizens. Rise up and say with me: NOT IN OUR CITY!

You are being used.

The simple truth of these matters is the plain fact that you who are out there protesting (peacefully) are being used. You who stand with the police. You who stand for George Floyd. You are all being used.

And then they came to Stow

Over the past week or so, here in my hometown of Stow, Ohio, we have had demonstrators standing with signs and such outside our city hall where two main roads intersect. I applaud them for peacefully, respectfully exercising their civil rights. Making their voices heard. So nice it is to be miles away from the chaos, but I have been waiting. I have been praying against the wicked who find or make opportunities to latch on and spread like a cancer, bringing their chaos to wreak more havoc. Like cancer, those cells will find the unwitting and stir up controversy to their favor so they can turn us against each other for their own gain.

That’s the bottom line. All this is to create fear and division so that whoever is behind it all can take over. So whoever is behind it all can destroy this Great Nation. [Side note: I say, “whoever” because this post is not about all that and I want no arguments. This post IS about taking control back from these idiots.] These cancer cells actually had the audacity to come to Stow recently. It is hilariously obvious to me that their agenda is to take a dump, stir up the shit and notify their brethren that we’re ripe for the chaos makers.

Let’s let them know they came to the wrong town.

June 9th, 2020: 19 Action News aired a piece about a civil suit brought by a police officer against Police Chief Film and the City of Stow. Several other medias followed. Although the liberal media outlets give the appearance of just reporting “the news”, their timing speaks volumes. For example, why was this not news to them when it was filed in February of this year? The cop that filed the claim (Officer Barry Smith) was the same cop that was off work due to an accident in the school parking lot last fall. So, while he is healing and getting ready to return to work, he files a civil suit (Officer Barry Smith v City of Stow, et al; Summit County, OH; CV-2020-02-0518). And 19 Action News did not find it newsworthy then.

Officer Smith helped keep our kids safe at SMFHS for many years. (Photo borrowed.)

Why not?

Or how about last March when Chief Film filed his Answer? If these reporters were doing their damn jobs, they would have been aware of this. It’s all public record. So, why come to Stow to follow Officer Smith’s suit now? Why now, after all these months? I am certain they are aware of these facts, but it’s only recently that this case fits their agenda.

Why? Because now it is politically juicy. This suit is just what they need ignite their divisive sparks in the quiet, popular town of Stow. That, friends, is their only aim. The lame-stream… Oops. Mainstream “news” finds a bit of embers glowing in the local clerk’s office, then comes to sprinkle some gas on it with their “reporting” in the midst of all this chaos. Does Officer Smith’s civil complaint allege racial discrimination. Yup. He certainly does, but mind you, he made his complaint in civil court (proper channels) and those are merely allegations. Yet, since the news aired this case people on social media are trying to turn this into a roast fest of the Stow PD. Comments from readers assume that Stow PD “must be racist” because there is only one black officer. Others claimed their own various “racial discrimination” in vague comments, while still others argued against them.

Seriously, folks?

So, you want to talk “injustice”? “Discrimination”?

“Injustice”, you say? I know injustice. I experienced, first-hand, their corruption and the devastation that follows when no one listens. When I watched my, then, 13 year old daughter tackled to the gravel by two sheriffs, while her hands were cuffed behind her back, I was screaming too. And that’s just one example.

“Racism”, you scream? I know racism at its full ugliness. I was spit on by an elderly Puerto Rican woman only because I (in her eyes) took one of their men. I was drilled by Judge Pike (retired) in (then) Cuyahoga Falls Municipal Court after a domestic violence hearing. He sneered, “You grew up in Stow? You should have known better! Don’t they beat all their women?” My own mother tried to bribe me to abort my first child because, in her words, “it was not all white.”

And I could go on. So, don’t tell me about supposed “racism” and “injustices”. Was it unjust for George Floyd to have been killed by those cops? Absolutely. But stop pretending that all this is about racism. Stop letting this divide us, make us stupid and let the peace-destroyers wreak havoc in our communities. Stand against it and say:

NOT in my city!



“For it is God’s will that by doing right you should silence the ignorance of foolish men.”  1 Peter 2:15

When those things mentioned above, and more, came against me, I did not attack the entire judiciary. Judge Pike was an idiot. I am thankful he is off the bench. There are more idiots to be removed, granted. In fact, by “doing right” I helped remove a corrupt prosecutor years ago. All I did was speak truth and he lost an election. But we have so many that rule the bench with integrity, in accordance with our Constitution. Judges Kim Hoover and Katarina Cook are awesome examples.

I also did not smear and disrespect all cops, sheriffs, et al. Two despicable, corrupt sheriffs assaulted my daughter and got away with it. That does not mean I was bent on “dismantling the police” all over. Idiocy! I love our police. When we can watch these spoiled, devious bastards spit on, throw bricks at, scream in the faces of our officers and even shoot them…and say nothing? Extreme idiocy!

…and these bastards think they’re going to sneak into Stow? Nope. NOT in my city.

scan0164And my mother? I loved her. Sure, I was stern, probably nasty at times. Love is not always cute and fluffy. Finally, though, she was won over by God’s grace in the beauty of my children. I stood firm. My house is not built of sticks and its foundation is not sand. She eventually determined how wrong she was. She became repentant.

Off Tangent…

As usual, I got off on bit of a tangent šŸ˜‰ There is just so much to say, but being aware of most folks’ time constraints, I’m trying to keep it short. Honestly, I am!

The greatest act of injustice and racism, we must never forget, is what was done to the Lord, Jesus Christ. He, a Jew, was handed over by His own. He, the perfect Son of God Almighty, was falsely accused, beaten, starved, spit upon and crucified… by unrepentant, arrogant sinners.

So, look into His face if you want to understand what the hell is going on in our country…because it is Hell that has been unleashed. Unleashed by unrepentant sin run rampant. Unleashed by the watering down and outright rejection of the Lord Christ Jesus. Look into His face and remember the blood He bled for all…because God loves all. Yes, even the wicked. While you look at Him, understand that God’s love is not all fluff and fancy. His love calls out sin. His love transforms.


Let that sink in. Let that motivate you to repent, to receive and be empowered. And while you do, be mindful of the fact that the unrepentant, Christ-rejecting leave themselves open to be used by evil. To perpetuate and increase wickedness. (Ephesians 6:10 +)

In that light, where do you stand?

Stand with me

God compels us to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” (Eph. 5:11) So, who will stand with me to expose the wicked? Their works of darkness? I see tens of thousands marching, taking a knee and shouting in support of “Black Lives Matter”, etc… How many will watch with me? Watch for and expose the bastards sneaking in to stir up and divide us to use us for destruction?

While the peaceful folks protest and respectfully demonstrate their anger against injustice, who will watch and call out the instigators of destruction? I started here, by calling out the lame-game media “reporting” on the case Officer Barry Smith filed. This is how they start, folks! They draw attention to something (only when it benefits their devious agenda), stir it up a bit and wait for the criminals (like Antifa, etc) to come in and create chaos. In the midst of that, they cry out their idiocy, like, “Defund the police!” <smh>

So, get those camera phones ready! Who will watch with me? Who will call out and report (along the proper channels of authority) those infiltrating bastards whose only bent is to use you for their destructive agenda? Who will stand with me and scream out,


Just imagine, for a moment, if that catches flame across this Great Nation.

OUR Great Nation.

Please leave a comment below with at least your first name and city. Take the pledge: NOT IN MY CITY!



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