Summit County Cover-Up

Epstein, the Clintons, “Pizza Gate”???

In Ohio we don’t have to look that far for such scandals. We have our own Summit County cover-up right here at home. As grateful as I am that those other perverts are being exposed and, at least some, are finally being brought to justice, it pains me that Summit County is still covering up our cesspool. 

skeletons 3

Say what?

Quite a few years ago, to my humility, I listened to a handful of young ladies give rancid accounts of being sexually exploited as children and young teens. As they spoke, I could see the physical effects still lingered into their adulthood. These girls, their lives still devastated, named public figures and professionals. “Big” names, in government and other offices in and around Summit County, Ohio. One young lady in particular had a son who had been removed from her by child services just after she reported (again) evidence of a child sex trafficking ring, run by local elites from at least the early ’80s on. There is evidence of this and more, seized by Akron Police Department during at least one of the many arrests of a key player–a criminal, sanctioned by an “elite” who served as judge, then as county prosecutor. There are also two local pastors who know this same “key player” and have done nothing.

Oh, you probably ‘prayed’ for him. (Yes, that was sarcasm.) Did you reach out to his victims? Did you open yourselves up to being that arm of justice for the Lord to work through? *crickets* Need I remind you of I Peter 2? How about Romans 13?

Shame on you. To coin a phrase,

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

There was another man that I spoke with in 2006. He owned the house I used to rent and was for a long time a judges’ administrator for the local municipal court in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Just to see what he knew, I chatted with him about a bit of scandal that blew open in 2003–but was quickly suppressed. A “city official” from Columbus and a doctor that worked in Cuyahoga Falls, lived in Stow, were arrested on child porn charges. This man I spoke with agreed Dr. Charles Coven (the doc arrested) should not have been allowed to continue to practice. When I pressed him about the reasoning, he condescendingly chuckled and said, “They’re after bigger fish.” When I pressed further, asking him what “bigger fish” were needed than a family doctor who creates child porn in his home with his wife, he ended the conversation. This was also reportedly the “go to doc” these girls distinctly remembered.

Wait too long

Above I said, “to my humility”, because it was way back, between 2005 and 2007, that I listened to these ladies. For these many years since, I have been waiting, pressing in, researching, following leads…and, of course, praying. Of course, I also contacted law enforcement, et al. Trying to get someone to do their damned jobs. What all this work has amounted to is screaming at deaf ears. It’s been too long a wait. Way too long. 

Too long that these ladies have suffered in silence. Too long that the perverts have lived their lush lives and continued in their perversity. Too long that the filthy atrocities have been kept hush while more children and teens are being abused. Far too long.

I am not waiting any longer.

Call out

This first article is a CALL OUT to anyone with information on the child sex trafficking ring that has flourished in and around Summit County for decades. If you were a victim, willing participant, anything in between, or simply stood by knowing what is going on, please contact me immediately. Victims and whistle blowers will have the option to remain anonymous–and believe me, I can keep your identity sealed. Just please, please come forward. Let us stop these evil bastards from harming more children.

Anyone with information please contact here.


Stay tuned…


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