“Leave the Past in the Past”

A few weeks ago information was shared with me that just makes me chuckle. Truthfully, I find it so telling that, in spite of the obvious warning, I became in the clouds excited. It seems that at least one of the individuals named as a suspect in the incidents that reportedly took place in Kentucky years ago follows this blog of mine. As humorous as that is, it isn’t what got me so excited. A dear and trusted person said that same individual mentioned to him about me,

“…she just needs to learn to leave the past in the past.”

This was said in context of talking about this endless rant I have been on regarding the KY incidents that took place in 1997. This tells me clearly that at least one person is at least a little irritated about me exposing these issues. Take close note that the person did not deny such a “past” took place or pose any refuting evidence. That person did, in fact, merely state that this past just “needs” to be left “in the past.”



What does it profit?

There are several cases on my board that I refuse to allow to collect dust. One of them dates back to 1984. That case, much like the one the suspect above referred to, involves an innocent child stolen and murdered in a most horrific fashion. Another group of these cases, possibly connected, involves political and “high power” individuals using their positions for personal gain…usually of the perverted sort. The other is this case. Although I originally thought Angelique James was one of the victims and was wrong, the case does not just go away. Somebody’s babies were murdered at that remote Kentucky farm in 1997 and I am determined that the perpetrators shall be caught.

To let the past remain in the past is to say the lives of those innocent children and their families do not matter. What a miserably selfish statement to make. What is that person to fear? What did that person do in such a past, which she/he so adamantly demands remains in the past? Oh, if you only knew how far in the past I have dug! Rather distinct patterns and practices have emerged from this past you all thought you covered so well. Almost like a road map to dire destinations, this past has revealed quite an insidious life.

To “leave the past in the past” enables that past to be repeated up and into our present. As important as this are the activities since. Once we uncover the road map, built from past events, among other things,

are revealed the present whereabouts of newer victims and activities of the same suspects.

…and no need to “put names to faces” just yet. We shall simply investigate the locations and discover the bones left behind.

The only ones that profit from leaving the past in the past are those who fear their atrocious acts will be uncovered. Much like a cat covering its shit in the litter box. However thorough you thought you were to bury your past, it still smells awful. In fact, the longer it is left, the stronger the stench.

Present, the Past

Throughout these long, often arduous, years of digging–both literally and figuratively–into this past and following various leads, I have learned that this past is not so unique. At least not as unique as one would hope, and most pretend. The patterns and practices of kidnap, abuse, photo shoots, porn and snuff films, and prostitution, alongside rituals of various labors, have become so distinct. The numbers of even just publicized cases is astounding–and telling.

On Staten Island, NY in the 1970s and 1980s, there was “Cropsey“. Two natives of the Island became filmmakers and sought out the legend. Originally following leads on five missing and murdered children, they discovered likely links to others. Although the entire horror scene was pinned on one guy, Andre Rand, connections to other more prominent suspects emerged. Those connections were quickly buried and it was case closed.

In Oakland County, MI in the late 1970s four children went missing and were later found murdered. During that investigation, links to others and connections to prominent people emerged. State Police, a GM executive, legislators, others. A pedophile ring creating child porn and “snuff films” was uncovered due to the involvement of some suspects. Was this ring in the business of servicing prominent clientèle? Was it this “business” that connected the Oakland County Child Killer case to the North Fox Island (MI) case? Some of the names revealed links, so were they working in consort? Or merely complimentary businesses? Either way, why is there no mention of searching for other cases of missing and murdered children that are quite likely linked? People that do this rarely stop (or start) with four victims.

Similarly, but much less public, here in Summit County, Ohio*, we have a witness that puts little Louis (missing from Pennsylvania) right here in Akron. This credible witness accounted his gruesome murder, along with all the who’s, where’s and how’s of it all. These accounts included naming individuals involved that were long-time prominent figures since the 1970s and 1980s. From what the witness detailed, videos and photos of a sexual nature involving other children were seized at some point from one of the primary suspects, yet charges on those crimes were never brought. Efforts to move authorities in either state (Ohio and PA), or even the Feds, have all come to naught.

[*Please note: SimpleTruth7 does not advocate that the subject of that article (Hartman/Innocent Inmates) was innocent of the crime for which he was executed. We maintain neutrality on that point. However, the article found at that link offers more comprehensive information involving some of the long-time players here in Summit County, OH. We implore you to do additional research.]

One PA detective actually had the courage to express his resistance not long ago.

bloody knife“It’s just all so bizarre”,

referring to the manner of murder as described to him by the witness. I find it almost insane that in an age where a man can openly have his penis surgically removed to “become” a woman, seasoned cops can shudder and hide from the “bizarre” nature of a ritual murder. Disgusting to think that how an authority feels about the manner in which a child was murdered takes precedence over simply doing your damn job.

Follow the leads, officers, and leave your feel-goods at home behind your fantasy white picket fences, where they belong.

Now let’s go all the way back “in the past” and dig up Aldofo Jesus de Constanzo. Finally caught because a rich man’s son went missing, a macabre mix of perverse sex, majik, “bizarre” religious practices, kidnapping and ritual murder was revealed all in one case of one cult, but linked to prominent peoples–on both sides of the law. Constanzo reportedly performed blood rituals at a hefty price for both law enforcement and the drug cartels for various purposes.

So, what’s the point?

The point of all this incessant babble is to illustrate the facts that though the Kentucky case (1997) was “in the past”, like these others, it will not get solved leaving it there. To anyone that has an issue with that fact, I’d be willing to meet with you and discuss your argument in support of such a vain assertion (to “leave the past in the past”).

The plain fact that anyone would want it “left” in the past tells that you are opposed to the case being solved.

Simple logic: Two plus two always equals four. Always.


At the same time, Lt. Merriman (Kentucky State Police/KSP)… Is this, like the PA detective stated, “too bizarre” for you? Is that why you buried the evidence? (No pun intended.) Or was it because I pressed so often for you to do your damn job? Did you follow through with your threat–to “make it (the investigation) go away”? Is that why the FOIA department told me there was no investigation?

Shame on you… However, your malfeasance does not make the Truth go away.

And, Detective Monte Owens (KSP), you promised “Jack” you would “protect him and his sisters.” You failed, sir. You failed miserably. “Jack” is no longer that 9 year old little boy, sir. He is a grown man, but thanx to your failure, he and his sisters have struggled and no longer communicate. The memories of their lives torn apart, coupled with the decade plus of abuse, are just too painful.

Torn apart, all for telling the truth.

All for trusting you, that you would do your damn job.

3.27.2002_behind barn_the spot

So, to pause for now, let it be known to any that have done anything to prevent this case from being solved…

Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” ~ The Words of God in Hebrews 4:13


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