So, Now What?

In Part VI of this series  we discovered that Angelique was stolen away by a worse tragedy than previously thought. This series, that started with my tears over Angelique James, seems to have hit a pothole of sorts. Quite obviously, she was not the child described by Jack and his sister, to Kentucky detectives and others. So, after all these years, we are back to faces with no names. So, now what? What does this do the rest of the facts? Does this call into question any of the other details? How does this affect the credibility of the witnesses?

Questions, and more questions

All these questions came to mind in the weeks after Angelique’s sister bravely reached out to me and shared what actually happened. For so long, I have focused on “putting names to faces”, attempting to determine other areas those creeps may have more “faces” buried. Faces for which I also sought names. This new information frankly threw me for a loop.

LJones    Teekah    Jaquilla    Rilya

But then I returned to my notes, praying over every detail. Realizing that not knowing the identities of the victims did not discredit the witnesses, my mind began to clear again. This only meant that there were simply more questions to be answered. Particularly, questions of from where these victims came and who they are. All these years, somehow having the photos of these beautiful, little faces pinned on the cork board above my work area encouraged me onward.

True, two children missing, bearing such striking resemblance is an oddity. Recall the descriptions given by the witnesses of the “little black girl” (victim) so closely fit that of Angelique James. It is strange, but not impossible.

Deep breath, Forward

In the original case we still have:

  • witnesses
  • detailed descriptions of victims
  • remains of victims, or “parts”
  • detailed, eye-witness accounts of the crimes that occurred
  • crime scene location
  • named suspects, their work and travel habits, beliefs

From just that, we can at least theorize quite accurately the method, means and motives of the suspects.

In addition, we have the Kentucky State Police (KSP) willing to sit on evidence of murdered children–letting the murderers continue–simply to avoid getting involved in supposed “domestic issues” of their witnesses. Years later, they discarded the case altogether and entirely denied there was any investigation at all.

But the facts are still the facts, and most of the facts do not line up with what KSP publicly stated. Furthermore, the facts contradict statements made under oath in all the documented records. Thus, until someone credible comes along, like in the case with Angelique’s sister (Ayani), and proves otherwise, I will pursue the facts where they have led. So, at this point, I take a deep breath and move forward.

Not a stretch

There is nothing that refutes or adequately disqualifies any of the facts and evidence collected over these years. Aside from the new information on the identities of the victims, nothing has changed. We can surmise that demented people that stole children for purposes of molestation, video-taping sex acts, and ritual murder (as stated by the witnesses) quite likely have made this a lifestyle. No novice can pull off what those people did. We then can rightly conclude they have done before what was said to have been done at that remote KY farm in 1997.

Again, it’s not a stretch to conclude that they have done this before.

So, working from what we still have we can then track back to locate other likely areas where more children likely are buried. Or, as in the KY case, “parts” of the children.

The recent and growing awareness of child trafficking, coupled with the hundreds and thousands of unsolved missing children cases, can be seen to support this theory.

Furthermore, statistically, no pervert just simply loses the impulse to steal, molest and kill. Thus, to believe these named suspects have continued their practices is also not a stretch. Thanx to KSP burying the ball, these suspects–that could be responsible for an untold number of missing children–logically had no reason to suddenly abstain from their lusts.


We must be mindful of the fact that creeps steal children for reasons beyond sex or servitude. The unspeakable things people do to children have historic roots in many cultures, including the US, and by many are deemed “necessary”. With the uprise and progressive openness of cults of various beliefs, it should be no surprise to anyone paying attention that children are also stolen for the specific purposes of ritual murder.

Some call it “sacrifice”. The law calls it premeditated murder.

The LORD calls it abominable.


Come What May

Whether these other beautiful, little faces that smile at me from my cork board each day were any of the victims or not, I will keep their photos posted. Just maybe, as I press full speed ahead with “my theories”…just maybe someone as brave as Ayani will come forward with information. There are times I’m alright with being wrong. After all, the truth is the truth, and truth is what we pursue here.

So, come what may, this series continues. Until all the facts are out. Until all the perpetrators shake. Come what may, I press on.

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