What’s This All About?

Missing without a trace. Hidden with no leads. Cases grow cold, piled upon by newer cases daily. Law enforcement is strapped for funds, overburdened with new work, and restricted by legal guidelines. Still, perpetrators continue to traffick, defile and kill. What if you could help stop them? What if you could help bring justice for families of missing children? Well, that is what we are all about.

Many Years

Some of you know me from Pup Stop, the blog site that offers free common sense tips for training your dog or pup. There, I explained that I am in the process of training my Dutch Shepherd for cadaver search work. More importantly, I shared why I am training a dog for such work: To locate some missing children from cold cases that I have worked. lynnette

Working as a Private Investigator since 1997, I developed a strong passion for Cold Cases of Missing Children. Along this way I have discovered links between some of the cases and explored avenues to locate hard evidence. After exhausting every other option, I determined to get my own dog and train her for HRD (Human Remains Detection).

This, some would call an obsession, is for me a ministry. Since 1998 I have trained and worked with the Shatter the Darkness ministry. Throughout the years, working both on my own and with Shatter SIIU (Special Investigations Intervention Unit), I found there are definite obstacles and gaps in pursuing these cases. These obstacles exist mainly due to the high volume of cases, coupled with so many willing to keep it all hushed. On top of that, law enforcement can only do so much with the funds, manpower and caseload they already have, and must do so within the legal protocols for police agencies. Thus, there are huge gaps in the normal way in which these cases are handled.

Through this work, we aim to fill in the gaps and overcome the obstacles.


Uncommon Knowledge is a Private Investigations company that primarily offers service of process and other litigation support services. Shatter the Darkness is an evangelical ministry aimed at pursuing the lost, no matter where they have roamed, and exposing the dark in our midst. Together, we have almost 50 years experience in investigating ritual abuse, cults and cold cases of missing children.


Our purposes here are borne of a passion for the truth. First and foremost, we unashamedly proclaim the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is what motivates us. That is what assures, for the sakes of the children, His will shall be accomplished.

Thanx in advance for your time, consideration and prayers.

“But as for me, I am filled with the power of the Spirit of the Lord, and with justice and might…” Micah 3:8

C. Lynnette Mima



8 thoughts on “What’s This All About?

  1. So happy you have gotten this up and running. I am looking forward to watching as it develops. I am sure people will be surprised by how much these things happen. Thank you for sharing you story, so others are aware.


      1. Thanx so much for checking us out here, Ayani! I really do appreciate your input. Please understand that the articles on here about Angelique are built on evidence gathered over many years. It is not an exact science, per say. This process is based on probabilities derived from gathering, compiling and evaluating all available evidence. Theories can change as more evidence is discovered. I did have contact with a Los Angeles County Sheriff that gave great details about your sister’s case. Although that detective was not the lead on the case, she did not even believe your mother killed Angelique. She also believed that the investigation was shoddy, at best, and likened the case to that of Rilya Wilson (missing from Florida 2001). Granted, that does not mean Shirley did not kill your sister. What all this does mean is that the investigation out there was quite poorly handled. And if Shirley did murder her baby, where is the body? (I am sorry, but there is no other way to say that.) Either way, your sister deserved better.

        At the same time, there were victims that witnessed the ritual murder of an African-American child that fit exactly Angelique’s description, which took place in Kentucky. There were also other bits of evidence that support the theory proposed in the articles, which you can read there. Please know that I mean absolutely no disrespect to you or your family. Not at all. And like I said, as more evidence is discovered things can either be substantiated or theories may change. Either way, I thank God that you found my articles and provided feedback. When I first saw that you commented, I cried. I have had Angelique’s photo on my bulletin board since I first found her info in 2003. It is so good to know she does have family out there thinking about her. God bless you. I do hope you keep in touch. ~Romans 8:28


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