The Blood They Shed

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Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo. John Wayne Gacy. Richard Ramirez. Ted Bundy. Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey Lundgren. Charles Manson. Bobby Joe Long. Henry Lee Lucas. Shawn Sellers. Ottis Toole….

And that is just a short list of the hundreds of thousands of “renowned” killers of the past several decades. The blood they shed. The specific and horrific ways and means they used to attain their goals. The bodies, or parts of, they preserved for various purposes. The families these left with the greatest devastation; the deepest holes in the hearts of those who loved the victims.

Certainly, most of us are all too ready to push the details aside, into some recess of our minds. With good reason. Who truly wants to think of such things? Except for the blood-luster, that is. But humor me here a moment. Since we have innumerable examples of the perpetrators of some of the greatest desecration of our fellow kind, why is it so difficult to believe when it occurs again? Why do folks, especially law enforcement, cover their eyes and plug their ears with so called “reason”, denying fully what is right before them? What’s worse is, why… I mean, how could they who are charged with the highest duties to protect from such predators, simply let him go?

Sarah Boehm & Kathy Menendez

In 1994, shortly after two girls’ bodies were found in a Portage County Nature Park,

they had him.handcuffs arrest

That man gave many a good reason to lock him up and throw away the key. He had knowledge of details of the murders of those girls, that had not been made public.

And you let him walk?

So, unabashedly, I must ask in heartfelt prayer: What was it that caused you to make such a literally life-threatening decision? Was it the fact that this guy is not the stereotypical “monster-type” who could perform those gruesome acts? Was it that he did not appear too imposing? Almost a little shy, at first? Seriously. What was it about this guy that would convince you to let him go? Have you ever wondered how many more girls he has stolen and brutalized? Or maybe I should ask, do you even care?

Blatant Denial

skeletons 3

Could it have been that you just did not want to deal with the complications of interrogating a man who has multiple personalities inside? Was that it? Or were you simply in denial? Even in the face of such a gory history here across the US, including right here in Ohio? Or was it the plain fact that this rather average, wiry guy laid into a six-foot two, rather brawny man right in front of some other officers? Did that astonish you? Or how about even when you had him chained in irons, arms and legs pinned, he still was able to raise himself off the floor? Even with several officers holding him down? Or was it the almost guttural, satanic German voice that growled out of his little body? Was it not enough for you to have several officers as witnesses to these events? Or was it more the trend of that time? With all the political hoopla, purported by idiots like Lanning, who claimed that “satanic crimes are a mere myth”?

Seriously, why did you all keep it so deeply hushed…for so damned long? And please give the public more credit than to retort with the cliché of “not enough was found to bring charges.” The truth is, you never looked.

Did you piddle out when you found out the guys’ background? Is that what it was? Or was it similar to the case with Coven? “After bigger fish”, so you let a known child rapist continue in his local practice? As ludicrous as that is, if that is the case, have you been keeping an eye on him? If so, then it should not be too tough for you to connect other victims. Have you run it through VICAP? At the same time, if that is the case, then you are almost directly admitting you truly know what this guy is all about.

How dare you.

Demanding Justice

Seriously. The public, and especially the families, deserves an explanation. Now that the FBI is involved in the case, is it truly going to move with Justice this time? If so, why did the locals not give full disclosure to the FBI? With all the information you guys have had for so long, there is no other conclusion to draw. Why else would the FBI posting infer that how Sarah got from Pennsylvania to Ohio is a mystery?

Now, I am only asking out loud some of the questions many wonder inside themselves. Fully respecting the position of law officers and other authorities, I still must say “to whom much is given, much is required.”

There have been, for over a decade now, numerous theories regarding the disappearances and murders of two, beautiful, young beloved girls, named Sarah and Kathryn. The vast majority of these theories are fueled by the broken hearts of those who loved these girls, desperately searching for tangible answers to reason out something that is more devastating than losing your own body parts. When the truth is withheld and justice abated, it leaves room for a mountain of theories to develop.

When will you guys be interested in bringing out the truth? Again, I am only expressing what is on the minds and yearning hearts of so very many.

Right here in Ohio Lynn Slaby successfully prosecuted and put away Jeffrey Dahmer. Right out our own back yards. Back then, the alter of bones from Dahmer’s victims at which he “prayed”, was kept from the sight and hearing of the public. But that still did not keep Slaby, then prosecutor in Summit County, fearful of pursuing justice.

Not too far north of here, Steve LaTourette, now our Congressman, successfully prosecuted and secured the death penalty against Jeffrey Lundgren. Back then, it was kept hushed the fact that part of Lundgren’s intent was to receive a cleansing, or “atonement”, from his blood lust. But again, fear of these spiritual details did not cause LaTourette to shudder and bury the truth.

As horrible as it can be at times, these men did their jobs.

Again, here in our backyard, Duffield’s tyranny of satanism was exposed, at least a bit. The intense pain he intentionally caused in the ritual torture of those two, precious, twin baby girls was at least acknowledged. And that monster was our neighbor who worked at a family-owned business.

No Mystery

So, why is it so dammed difficult to face the fact that we have yet another, similar man who craves the blood and torture of innocence for precise purposes? The only “mystery” to the Deerfield case is why it had been left to grow as cold as Sarah’s body, that was left to lay at the morgue for almost a decade.

Again, let us reflect on just a small piece of our history: Dahmer, Gacy, Manson, Lucas, Lundgren, Long, Chase, Ng, Toole, DeSalvo, Constanzo, Kemper, Bianchi, Heirens, Heidnik, Bundy, Speck, Shawcross, Mullin, Lake, Gecht, Ramirez, Berdella… Little known fact about these critters is that most, too, had multiple personalities and involved rather…ah. ‘Precarious practices’. Is that the “politically correct” terminology I am supposed to use?

Too few are willing to expose these specific pieces of the puzzle. Among those few are: The Black Awakening, by Russ Dizdar; Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder, by David McGowan; A Cop’s Guide to Occult Investigations, by Tony Kail; The Satan Hunter, by Tom Wedge; Nobody’s Angel and other works by Dr. Gregory Reid.  

So, how about the local man duped “The Machete”? He is obviously a multiple, yet was successfully prosecuted. That occurred just last year (2009). Neither charged with murder, nor even bothering with any need to delve into the deeper issues, local law enforcement pursued him with aggressive justice. Guess what? They won. Another danger off the streets.

So, what is the hold up in the Deerfield case? You know the who. The what. The when. The where and how. Are you simply afraid to address the why?

Fearless Faith

David was a scrawny, little shepherd boy who fearlessly faced off with a ruthless giant and defeated him with one stone. In that, God freed Israel. Moses could not even speak clearly, and through him God parted the Red Sea to free His people from the unrelenting Pharaoh. Through the persistent, aggressive and active faith of His people, Christ struck the wicked king Herod before the eyes of many.

And those are meres drop in the bucket of examples we have. All it takes is one faithful man (or woman) whose Godly love for people is stronger than his or her fear of the truth.

To all law enforcement: We dearly love you with a Love that is far more powerful than your fear, disbelief or pride. Know that we intercede for you daily and without restraint, that our Heavenly Father may raise up more Davids to pursue these Goliaths the field. Please be reminded, that our Father in Heaven always wins. Always.

God bless you in Christ Jesus, and let not us forget Kathy and Sarah, as well as others with them. Let us all be willing, like Ezekiel (Chapter 8), to look as God shows us what is really going on.

[Originally posted by C. Lynnette Thomas on 12/7/2010.]

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