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Divine providence brings exposure unlike all else. Has anyone ever wondered why psychics are hailed, even paid our tax dollars, to “track” or expose a perpetrator in cases of, say, a missing child? Or a murder? Yet, at the same time, Christians who proclaim any divine arrangement of our Lord Jesus, is deemed “delusional”?

Here is an example of a case that, although it has long grown cold, our Lord does not forget. It’s the case of little Louis Mackerley. Born in February of 1977 and taken from the streets of his Pennsylvania hometown at the tender age of 7, he was never seen or heard of again. Or was he? There are no known documented leads in this case to date.

*PLEASE NOTE: Before people get all bent out of shape… No one is saying that the child described below is definitely Louis Mackerly. No one is claiming that they knew/know that Louis was in fact the child abducted and ritually murdered by the suspects in the Ohio case. ALL we are presenting here are the hard facts of the Ohio case and the striking similarities to Louis and the events surrounding his abduction.

 And in another State

Around that time-period miles away in Ohio, Pastor Russ Dizdar of Shatter the Darkness, was helping a federal officer’s wife get free from the control of a local high priest. Although she described this priest in detail and even divulged his “secret” coven name, Dizdar had doubts. He pressed diligently in prayer, open to the options that this guy could be real, or merely a figment of the woman’s battered imagination. He literally asked God and believed that He would arrange an encounter with this man, if in fact he did exist. At the same time, this determined pastor continued to counsel this officer’s wife for his primary goal was her full healing. For our purposes here, we’ll call this woman “Mary”.

Not long afterward, Dizdar was driving down Thornton Street in Akron, Ohio with some of his crew. Now, one must understand that back then in Akron it was quite an unusual sight for an African-American man to walk around donned in traditional garb. This man wore what looked like religious cloth, a colorful turban with a jewel on its front and carried a spirit stick as he strolled down the inner city street. Immediately Dizdar knew this was a divine arrangement, so he turned the car around and called to the man. “Kaino!” [phonetic spelling] he yelled. Surprised at an unfamiliar voice blurting out a name only his coven members would know, the man turned around. Russ yelled again, “Kaino! You need to leave Mary alone!” Angered and humored, the man spoke with the Shatter crew briefly. He claimed he did not know Mary at all. The astounded man became even more angered when they offered to pray for him.

The next days and weeks that passed brought more encounters with Kaino. While Shatter performed surveillance, investigating Mary’s apartment where obscure languages were written in blood on the walls, the phone rang. Kaino called to lure Mary back into his clutches and warn her to be rid of the Shatter crew. When Russ spoke boldly with him, the priest demanded, “Let my people go.” The call ended with the priest disappointed that he could not get Russ to bow or back down. Several other encounters involved Kaino even coming into Dizdar’s church on a Sunday morning during service. He sat rubbing his spirit stick, which was in the shape of a snake, attempting to disrupt the occasion. Yet, again, he was defeated and chased away without much trouble.

As much as this may sound ludicrous to many, it is the truth. For too many, the supernatural is seen only in the movies, through psychics or with the complicated equipment of ghost chasers. However, from the information derived through Mary and thorough investigations, the facts were well perceived. This “high priest” was said to regularly conduct blood rituals involving the sacrifice of animals and humans. He prided himself on having learned in Haiti a black majik practice called Candomble, claimed to be divinity and held an uncanny power over a number of people—including prominent folks, such as the federal officer’s wife, “Mary”. It is our experience that whether one chooses to believe such practices have power or not, does not determine the truth of the matters.

Not more than a year later it was found that Kaino had died. In spite of this, Shatter has faithfully kept the case in prayer, knowing that the likes of such individuals always pass on their practice. For years all seemed to lay dormant while we prayed incessantly for a breakthrough.

Years and States Later

In the spring of 2006, Dizdar was sought out by a young woman who came from another state. While initially praying for and counseling this woman, we’ll call her “Jane”, she appeared upset. She relayed a full course of events spanning over two decades and at least three states. As Russ listened with great concern, he became so amazed at the details of her story that he called in other Shatter workers. Jane talked of the involvement of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend with a high priest in the Akron area by the name of—you guessed it–”Kaino”. She spoke candidly of how she was taken to a house in Akron where that priest and her mother gathered with others. Jane became teary while recalling how she was sexually abused. According to Jane, her mother and the boyfriend had grabbed a “seven or eight year old child from Allentown, Pennsylvania.” She clearly recalled the “pink socks” of the little brown-haired boy they led in to the dining area of the house. She was obviously fearful, as if someone else could hear, while she described precisely the bloody details of the ritual torture and murder of that boy.

Later we drove this brave woman down Copley Road, as she advised, to find the house where these incidents occurred. We found that since Kaino’s death the house has been entirely boarded and is now owned by his brother. The truth of Jane’s story became even more evident from the sudden fear and weakening that overcame her when she approached the house. After a search through missing children data bases, we found the adorable Louis Mackerley. It is said he was last seen wearing “pink socks” and speaking with an unidentified man and woman in a park near Jordan Creek, in Allentown, PA.

Not Hard to Believe

Anyone who has a difficult time believing these divinely arranged accounts, I suggest you consider 2 Kings 21-23, and other portions of historic accounts in the Bible where “innocent blood was shed” in the same manner. Please also take a jaunt around where you can find all sorts of bizarre, but true tales of similar occurrences. These insidious dark practices are just as real and prevalent now as they were then.

Then also consider the witness accounts of “seeing the boy…with an unidentified man and woman.” (69News, 2014) Could that have been Jane’s mother and her mother’s boyfriend?

We can only wonder at all the other precious faces of missing children; the many cases grown too cold for too long.

For more information on these and other cases check out Russ Dizdar on The Ragged Edge, and the fascinating online class Dark Rituals Dark Powers.

[Article originally posted by C. Lynnette Thomas, 9/14/2010.]


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